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Hey, it worked in Arkansas.

SI.com’s Andy Staples looks at the Coaches Poll and decides that we don’t need no stinkin’ secret ballots.

In the Idaho Code, the law appears in sections 9-337 to 9-350. In the Florida Statutes, the law appears in sections 119.01 through 119.15. In the United States Code, the law is outlined in section 552, but most know that statute better as the Freedom of Information Act.

No matter the jurisdiction, laws exist to help us get a look at the information the American Football Coaches Association doesn’t want us to see. When it decided to make the post-conference championship game USA Today Coaches Poll ballots secret beginning in the 2010 season, the AFCA ignored one glaring fact: Most of the coaches in the Football Bowl Subdivision work for public universities. That means everything those coaches do is subject to the open records law in their particular state. That includes each week’s coaches poll ballot.

So beginning Tuesday, SI.com will file records requests with the employer of each of the 51 public school coaches who vote in the 2009 poll. If the schools comply with the law, we should get a look at every ballot. Legal action may be required if schools refuse to comply, but if a recent case involving Florida State and the NCAA is any indication, judges likely will support the people asking that highly paid public employees be held accountable for their actions. Every ballot we receive will be published.



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Just give him the ball.

You’ve got to admit this is impressive.

No quarterback in the SEC the past three seasons has been hit as many times as Tebow. It’s not even close. In his last two seasons alone, he’s had 386 rushing attempts.

That’s right, 386 attempts.

The only current running back in the SEC who has carried the ball more during that span is Mississippi State’s Anthony Dixon, who has 484 rushing attempts over the past two seasons.

LSU’s Charles Scott hasn’t carried it as much as Tebow the past two seasons, and neither have Arkansas’ Michael Smith or Auburn’s Ben Tate.

But everything comes with a cost.

Tebow revealed to reporters Monday that he injured his right (non-throwing) shoulder in the opener last season against Hawaii and had to have painkilling injections before games the rest of the way. He had surgery on his shoulder in January.

Skip the Mel Kiper-like qualms about his skill set and skip the whole how-will-spread-option-quarterbacks-do-in-the-NFL concern – how much effect will this sort of unprecedented wear and tear on an SEC quarterback have on his draft status?

It’s not something that taking a few snaps under center is going to change, either.


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The OBC’s gallows humor

It may be time to keep Steve Spurrier away from sharp objects, judging from a couple of quotes after SC’s (can I say that?) last scrimmage.

First, here’s what he had to say about Stephen Garcia’s stellar performance (14 of 16 passing for 150 yards and a touchdown):

“He was much improved,” Spurrier said. “We took Cliff Matthews out of the game, so he was able to get off some passes.”

Woo!  Uncork the champagne, fellas.

Meanwhile, it’s been easy to overlook, but Ryan Succop’s departure has left a big hole in the kicking game that isn’t being easily filled.

… One potential concern is junior kicker Spencer Lanning, who is penciled in to replace Ryan Succop. In the last two scrimmages, Lanning made just four of 10 field-goal attempts.

Spurdog’s reaction?

“I’m not worried,” Spurrier said. “We won a game last year (Kentucky) and missed four field goals.”

Now there’s a recipe for success.  Of course, the ‘Cocks only play Kentucky once this year…


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The Quad likes you. It really, really likes you.

The Quad’s got Georgia as its preseason #11.

Overall, it’s a good job, making up for the occasional error (Sturdivant backing up Boling at left tackle?  I don’t think so.) with enthusiasm like this:

… I’m a firm believer in Georgia and Mark Richt; despite the stumble (the 10-win stumble), the Bulldogs aren’t going anywhere. No one really believes the program’s window has closed, but it seems to me that most are counting Georgia out of the hunt for the SEC crown and a B.C.S. bowl bid. Why? If Richt has shown anything, it’s that his teams will surprise, and will play its best when the underdog. Remember 2002? 2003? 2007? Playing without a bull’s-eye on their back, these Bulldogs played loose, free and with confidence, knowing that despite being discounted they had the talent and the coaching to play with anyone. I feel this year’s team will play in that same vein; despite the loss of talent – on paper – and the thought that Georgia will take a step backwards, I think this team can and will challenge Florida for the SEC East crown. Are the Bulldogs good enough to beat the Gators? No, I’m not sure if anyone is good enough to beat the Gators in 2009. But I think Georgia will be good, very good, perhaps the third-best team in the entire SEC. Even in what some are viewing as a rebuilding year for Richt and the Bulldogs, sleep on this team at your own risk. My prediction: 10-2, 6-2 in the SEC, second behind Florida in the East division.

But the big news in the piece is that Myerberg refers to you guys as “discerning”.  Take a bow.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Fresh and hot, so load up.

  • Sounds like some of the major news services are prepared to go to the mats over the new SEC media policy.
  • Mark Bradley goes fishing with Joe Cox.
  • Bob Stoops thinks that mediocre quarterbacks make SEC defenses look better than they actually are.  I’ll give him credit for having nerve.
  • HeismanPundit posts that 2010 will be crunch time for Florida’s offense – but not for the reason you think.
  • Why do I have the sense that Mike Gundy’s sphincter has begun to tighten?
  • I’m having a hard time picturing Kade Weston hidden behind anything, but here’s a good piece on the third man in the DT rotation.
  • If somebody had told you last year that Jonathan Crompton and Chris Todd would be facing off against each other as starters in 2009, you’d probably be thinking that their schools would enjoy pretty good 2008 seasons.  So what are you thinking now?
  • Florida discussed playing Utah.  Big deal.  It’s obvious this is being tossed out there to ameliorate the criticism of the Gators’ Charleston Southern opener, which is perhaps the most lopsided match up of the entire 2009 season.  In related news, Georgia discussed playing a top ten team on the road in its opener… oh, wait a minute.


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