Just give him the ball.

You’ve got to admit this is impressive.

No quarterback in the SEC the past three seasons has been hit as many times as Tebow. It’s not even close. In his last two seasons alone, he’s had 386 rushing attempts.

That’s right, 386 attempts.

The only current running back in the SEC who has carried the ball more during that span is Mississippi State’s Anthony Dixon, who has 484 rushing attempts over the past two seasons.

LSU’s Charles Scott hasn’t carried it as much as Tebow the past two seasons, and neither have Arkansas’ Michael Smith or Auburn’s Ben Tate.

But everything comes with a cost.

Tebow revealed to reporters Monday that he injured his right (non-throwing) shoulder in the opener last season against Hawaii and had to have painkilling injections before games the rest of the way. He had surgery on his shoulder in January.

Skip the Mel Kiper-like qualms about his skill set and skip the whole how-will-spread-option-quarterbacks-do-in-the-NFL concern – how much effect will this sort of unprecedented wear and tear on an SEC quarterback have on his draft status?

It’s not something that taking a few snaps under center is going to change, either.



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9 responses to “Just give him the ball.

  1. cookinandsmilin

    (refering to the GPOOE) “Anybody who saw him in the Florida game that year knows how much he was hurting.”

    I think he meant something different, b/c when I looked it up, the GPOOE played in every single UF game that year…

    Other than that, it was a great article…


  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I still remember all the “if only his shoulder wasn’t hurt” talk after the 2007 WLOCP. Nothing against #15, but his faithful followers can kiss my ass. If he is going to run the ball like a fullback, don’t whine about the sore shoulder.


  3. Joe B.

    Who cares about his NFL status?

    Look, everyone knows he is not going to be a success in the NFL. He is the perfect system QB in the perfect system for him. Total symmetry.

    What he will be is remembered as the greatest college player ever, and he will never pay for a thing in the state of Florida for the rest of his life.

    I hope he is also remembered for being 1-2 against UGA.


  4. Will Q

    Isn’t wear and tear one of the chief reasons running backs like to forego their senior (or even junior) year, if possible? I would think it would have to be a factor here as well.