The OBC’s gallows humor

It may be time to keep Steve Spurrier away from sharp objects, judging from a couple of quotes after SC’s (can I say that?) last scrimmage.

First, here’s what he had to say about Stephen Garcia’s stellar performance (14 of 16 passing for 150 yards and a touchdown):

“He was much improved,” Spurrier said. “We took Cliff Matthews out of the game, so he was able to get off some passes.”

Woo!  Uncork the champagne, fellas.

Meanwhile, it’s been easy to overlook, but Ryan Succop’s departure has left a big hole in the kicking game that isn’t being easily filled.

… One potential concern is junior kicker Spencer Lanning, who is penciled in to replace Ryan Succop. In the last two scrimmages, Lanning made just four of 10 field-goal attempts.

Spurdog’s reaction?

“I’m not worried,” Spurrier said. “We won a game last year (Kentucky) and missed four field goals.”

Now there’s a recipe for success.  Of course, the ‘Cocks only play Kentucky once this year…



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10 responses to “The OBC’s gallows humor

  1. RedCrake

    Thats good to hear…especially since Georgia seems to find itself up by two or three at the end of our games with SCAR.

    If you are kicking with a 40% success rate in a scrimmage, I’ve got to think that number drops even further in your first SEC game while trying to win the game.


  2. Kevin

    Does Spurrier even care anymore?


  3. D.N. Nation

    NCSU is going to drop kick the OBC straight out of Thursday. Wouldn’t be surprised if Spurrier just stuck around Durham when the rest of the team leaves the Triangle.


    • dean

      I have the same feeling that USCe will lose to NCST because Spurrier will only spend one or two practices getting ready for them and the rest of his practices getting ready for us. In addition he will only use a small portion of his playbook against the wolfpack. See the Vanderbilt game last year.


  4. Macallanlover

    While one should never relax about a CFB game opponnent, I have little fear about this SC team. Yes, I know the history, but we will not struggle with this Gamecock team. Hard to say until we see them against NC State, but 14+ seems like a pretty safe call to me. Surprised SOS even came back for this team and it is hard to see him going much longer in Columbia.


    • SCDawg

      I agree we shouldn’t struggle with SC, but we do every year. Seems like we play our worst offensive game against them-and you have to admit they do have a pretty good defense this year. Plus they’re always really up for this game.

      If SC loses to NC State, I expect the mood to be bad here in Columbia, though. I’m picking the Pack right now.


  5. Dog in Fla

    While it’s good to see Spurrier regain his cock o’ the walk Henny Youngman Take My QB form, I’ve got a bad feeling that for the first time at South Carolina, he will have a QB who will just happen to have a coming out game against us.


  6. ChiTown Dawg

    Trinton Sturdivant vs Cliff Matthews…amazing – Let’s go Dawgs!