Music to my ears

I don’t know if this season will wind up being more a satisfying one for me than last year, but I do feel certain that Mark Richt knows what it’s going to take to get his team to a better place.  One example of that is this quote from this Tim Tucker post at the AJ-C page today:

“Football is game of momentum, and we gave away more momentum than we gained,” Richt said Tuesday. “I think most all of us know that if you’re going to win one statistic besides the scoreboard, [you’d want it to be] be turnover ratio. If you knew you were going to win the turnover-ratio battle every single game, you’d know for certain you were going to have a winning season and probably one of your better seasons.

Amen.  And amen again.  Getting all the little things right can do a lot to overcome the loss of two first round draft picks.



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6 responses to “Music to my ears

  1. jferg

    i am very interested to see which direction our team’s momentum is heading come Sept 5th.


  2. HamDawg11

    Stillwater can be a pitfall or a springboard game.

    I’ve gotta think we’re going into this game focused, prepared, and ready to knock somebody’s head off after the long preseason. Let’s just hope that we’re not so amped up that we over-pursue and miss plays by playing fast without playing smart. Let’s just walk in there and push ’em around for 4 quarters and keep their O off the field and we win.

    Go Dawgs!


  3. Xon

    Of course, as Phil Steele more or less shows with his yearly analysis fo turnover margin, turnovers aren’t really about skill or effort. One year you have a lot, the next year you have a few. There’s only so much “not dropping the ball” practice and “not throwing stupid passes under pressure” practice that you can do, after all.


  4. Lowcountry Dawg

    FWIW, Georgia’s turnover margin was off the charts in 1980.


  5. Pass efficiency. If you want to win one statistic besides the scoreboard, it’s pass efficiency.


    • You know I’m gonna defer to you as the master here, Matt. 😉

      I’m not patting MR on the back for being a stat guru, just for getting his troops’ minds focused in the right place(s).

      Bobo and Martinez, on the other hand, ought to be paying significant attention to your point.