We interrupt this Gator lovefest to bring you…

ESPN shows off its financial commitment to the SEC with the first episode of its SEC Weekly studio show at 4:30 PM today.  As you might expect, Florida and the GPOOE™ are the featured subjects, but at least there are a couple of bones being tossed our way:

… The inaugural show will also take a look at first-year coach Lane Kiffin and his Tennessee Volunteers, and the Georgia Bulldogs’ fifth-year senior quarterback Joe Cox. The show will also feature a profile on Georgia football legend Herschel Walker and women’s soccer player Carrie Patterson.



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2 responses to “We interrupt this Gator lovefest to bring you…

  1. Ty Durden

    somehow I get the feeling that Brandon Spikes will find a way to make an apperance in all things UGA related because thats just how the WWL rolls with their Gator bannana hamocks on.


  2. georgiadawg85

    I can guess at the gist of the show. Gators are unstoppable. Tebow is the greatest ever. I think I’ll skip it, thanks.