Yeah, but how excited will we be in the third quarter?

In 2009, Georgia fans are lucky in this regard, but as the Wiz points out, there’s a pathetic trend that’s developed with regard to the opening week schedule in D-1 football.

… The reality is that Week 1 is full of laughable matchups involving Division I-A teams chalking up easy victories against I-AA opponents. How bad is Week 1? According to data provided by Marty Couvillon of, 38 of the 74 games (51.4%) involve I-A teams playing a I-AA opponent. It’s likely the highest number and percentage of such games in a week’s schedule since the NCAA adopted the divisional setup in 1978.

It’s the start of a new season, so I’m sure there’s an attitude among ADs that any college football action gets us going this time of the year.  But over half of the games against lower division schools?  That’s beyond lame.



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7 responses to “Yeah, but how excited will we be in the third quarter?

  1. hey Gator – could you have picked a weaker opening opponent?

    I hear there’s a school in St. Augustine that you might want to consider adding.

    And who are you playing in your second game?

    That’s weak sauce gator scum.


  2. georgiadawg85

    Guess everyone has figured out that scheduling cupcakes works for Florida, why not try it?


  3. I’d rather we played a version of the G-day game than play the likes of Tenn. Tech, etc. But being out here in PAC-10 country where SEC out-of-conference schedules are heavily scrutinized I’m very pleased with our’s this year.


  4. Dog in Fla

    Well beyond lame but as long as fans drink the swill the ADs serve in the no competition games, the only thing to stop it would be an economic boycott. Any reasonable expectation of that happening also appears to be beyond lame.


  5. Dawg N Suds

    For most teams. openers will always bring a full house, regardless of the opponent.

    This is a great strategy if your teams can play focused, bury teams early, rest your starters and avoid a lot of penalties and injuries.

    We’ve proven we do not handle these types of openers well.

    Our three worst seasons this decade opened with Georgia Southern, Arkansas State, and Western Kentucky.

    Our three best seasons opened with Clemson, Clemson, and Oklahoma State.


  6. > Our three best seasons opened with
    > Clemson, Clemson, and Oklahoma
    > State.

    Hmmm good observation.

    So if this year is our toughest opener in decades, does that mean we win the MNC?



  7. Beat the Gainesville scum

    it’s hardly worth mentioning that a tough opener makes the entire team/staff focus that much more and work that much harder. It doesn’t guarantee a successful season (define successful), but UGA generally benefits from it.

    Personally, I’d love to see us open with an SEC opponent each year. Much like the 70’s and 80’s when we opened with teams like Tenn.