There’s never a tight end around when you don’t need one.

All that talk about Florida playing more I-formation football sounds, well, a little sketchy when you consider that the Gators go into the season without a backup tight end.

The Gators are so thin at tight end, DE Justin Trattou has been taking first-team snaps in the goal-line package.

“As far as a backup tight end, it’s an issue,” Coach Urban Meyer said. “Huge concern.”

Junior Aaron Hernandez is one of the country’s best tight ends. After that it gets interesting.

Freshman Desmond Parks will likely red-shirt because Meyer says “he’s not ready to play.” Former walk-on Chris Coleman just received a scholarship, but he’s not an everyday player. Trattou, a 270-pound junior, would be used primarily for goal-line blocking.

If Hernandez got injured, Meyer said the Gators would operate without a tight end and use fullbacks for all the functions.

You know what Mel Kiper would suggest Meyer do.



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10 responses to “There’s never a tight end around when you don’t need one.

  1. RedCrake

    Wouldn’t it be nice if they had the services of a legit freshman TE like, I don’t know, say…Orson Charles?

    I’m honestly surprised that given Florida’s recent success in recruiting that they didn’t manage to address this issue. Then again, since I don’t believe they have any intention of running out of the I on a regular basis they can probably get by.


  2. D.N. Nation

    Mel Kiper declared OU the ’09 champs this morning, citing NFL talent at multiple positions.

    Too bad they’ve got a glue-huffing moron as coach.


  3. Section Z alum

    i wouldn’t be shocked if meyer banked on orson charles. bless his heart.


  4. On the Bright Side

    Meyer has made it clear, and most sensible people understand his comments to mean that, in certain, limited situations, the Gators may employ the I formation. Pridemore is was recruited as an H back in the mold of Billy Latsko, who as you may recall, partnered with Ingram the last time UF used two tight ends. Your suggestive writing would be akin to taking Richt’s comments about getting Logan Grey involved and insinuating that UGa is going to adopt the spread option. What fires you up so much about what formations Meyer practices anyway?


  5. DirkDawggler

    Maybe Tebow can just throw the ball to himself.