Daily Archives: August 29, 2009

Sattidy mornin’ buffet

Grab a plate, folks.

  • Tennessee could be starting as many as five true freshmen in its opener.  That’s a pretty good indication of what Kiffin thinks of the level of talent he inherited.  You might want to dial back the 9-3 projections a little, Vol fans.
  • I’m certainly not saying this kid is the one, but sooner or later Paul Johnson’s going to find his version of Pat White – someone who no other major school will seriously consider playing at quarterback, but turns out to be the perfect match for what Tech runs.
  • Smart Football’s Chris Brown now has a football column in that pinko liberal bastion of journalism, The New York Times.  It’s a step up – for the Times.
  • Another list that makes little sense to me.  (Frank Beamer ahead of Mack Brown?  Why, exactly?)
  • The new buzzword for the remaking of Tim Tebow, quarterback:  “enhanced”.  (I prefer the more old-fashioned description of “bullshit”, personally.)


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