Sattidy mornin’ buffet

Grab a plate, folks.

  • Tennessee could be starting as many as five true freshmen in its opener.  That’s a pretty good indication of what Kiffin thinks of the level of talent he inherited.  You might want to dial back the 9-3 projections a little, Vol fans.
  • I’m certainly not saying this kid is the one, but sooner or later Paul Johnson’s going to find his version of Pat White – someone who no other major school will seriously consider playing at quarterback, but turns out to be the perfect match for what Tech runs.
  • Smart Football’s Chris Brown now has a football column in that pinko liberal bastion of journalism, The New York Times.  It’s a step up – for the Times.
  • Another list that makes little sense to me.  (Frank Beamer ahead of Mack Brown?  Why, exactly?)
  • The new buzzword for the remaking of Tim Tebow, quarterback:  “enhanced”.  (I prefer the more old-fashioned description of “bullshit”, personally.)


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10 responses to “Sattidy mornin’ buffet

  1. JDawg

    jim grobe and mike riley ahead of richt? Seriously?


  2. Chuck

    I did not look at the list, but I would put Beamer ahead of Mack Brown. Why? Because in my mind, Beamer has consistently done more with less than Brown who has fairly consistently done less with more. To me, that’s an easy one.


  3. Joseph

    I find it interesting that Riley is ahead of Richt as well. I can kind of see the Beamer thing but I think that he can be accused of under performing as much as Mack Brown can. I realize that Virginia Tech was good last year but I have not been impressed with them since Vick was there. Did anyone who reads this really expect them to beat Georgia in the Peach Bowl despite their ” alledged” poweful defense in 2006? One week! Goooo Dawgs!!!


  4. JasonC

    One name that I was surprised was not on the list… Chris Petersen at Boise St.
    I know the competition isn’t as good, but I am pretty sure his winning % is better than anyone else.

    Also, I looked at the RB rankings and noticed that UGA will face at least 6 of the top 20 RBs in the nation.


  5. squarebush

    Man, I would love nothing more than for AJ to blow Julio away this year. It’s about time for some separation. Tired of seeing Julio’s name almost every time AJ is mentioned.


  6. Will Q

    So the most noteworthy thing about Richt’s 8 years at UGA is that he has won at least 8 games every season? Wow, that’s some dandy research. Oh well, I guess it’s a change of pace from “he’s done everything but win a national championship.”


  7. Will Q

    Amen, squarebush. Of course, if AJ does outstrip Julio again this season, the Julio fans (of whom there are a vocal multitude) will reverse their logic from last year and say that AJ got more yards because he was Cox’s only target.


  8. Brandon

    Jim Grobe is an outstanding coach, what he’s done at Wake Forest is nothing short of amazing, the most overrated guy in that group to me is Saban.


  9. 81Dog

    Interesting about the kid from Hillgrove. So, GTU really DOES run a high school offense? Maybe Paul Johnson can buy him a vowel before he gets to GTU, where he no doubt will go undefeated and win 4 consecutive national titles.

    Incidentally, Senator: Mini-Skipper will only find his own personal Pat White “eventually” if he wins enough to keep from getting fired. Nobody thought Pepper Rodgers would ever get the boot after his first season over there, either, but he ended up having to sue the cheap SOBs just a few years later to get them to pay what they owed on his contract. Of course, some other team could snatch him away from GTU if he proves to be such a big-time, high profile miracle worker…sorta like Michigan did with Rich Rodriguez (a move that seems to be paying off handsomely for both of them, wouldn’t you say?)


    • Bill


      You are one angry dude. Did CPJ sleep with your wife or something?

      Are you seriously comparing CPJ to Pepper Rogers? You have lost all credibility.

      And CPJ isn’t going anywhere. Just like CMR is a perfect fit for UGA, the same can be said for CPJ. Unfortunately for you, he will be a pain in your ass for quite awhile. So you may want to try de-caf at least during football season.