Our guy ain’t too bad, either.

For all the talk about Dez Bryant (deservedly so), take a look at this comparison between his career stats and those of A. J. Green.

Bryant’s got a year’s experience on A. J., but Green gets to go against the shakier defense next weekend.  It should make for an interesting contrast at the end of the day.


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7 responses to “Our guy ain’t too bad, either.

  1. ugajeff91

    no kidding! AJ ain’t exactly chopped liver! All the pundits want to know how we slow down Okst…how do they slow AJ, MM, & big Orson? They haven’t shown they can beat anyone that matches up on the offense, and plays good D!


  2. Dog in TN

    Their D is going to come out with pride at stake. They have been maligned this entire off season. My take is that Ga needs to play ball control and hopefully R Samuels can help us do that, along with the TE’s.


  3. Batdawg

    Just the fact that you typed “next weekend” put a huge smile on my face.


  4. See, now this kind of thing just makes me even madder at the SEC writers. How do we justify making Julio Jones the only wideout ever talked about? I mean, SI and ESPN both did top player retrospectives, and Julio was listed and Green wasn’t even given a mention. Green had more catches AND played with a QB who barely had time behind a suspect line at many points last year. Granted Stafford’s arm was better than Wilson’s, but Wilson had ALL DAY to throw. Ugh. Hopefully Green will start getting that respect this season. Maybe end up in the end-of-season All-SEC lists…


    • ArchDawg

      I don’t understand that either. Even if you concede that Green had a better qb throwing him the ball, I don’t see where the perception comes from that Jones is heads-and-shoulders above him comes from. I’ve not seen any real good reason for that.


      • Will

        It’s remarkably annoying. The fact that he had more yards and double the TDs last year while playing with a better #1 receiver than Jones had to deal with every game (Mohammed conceivably “stole” catches from him if you want to compare UGA’s receiving corps to ‘Bama’s) says to me that Green’s a hell of a player to have caught as many balls as he did. And it’s not like he disappeared in big games, either.