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Question of the day

After reading this comment by David Hale about Joe Cox…

Cox knows what he’s doing and has a good enough arm to get the job done. He’s David Greene with less playing experience…

I’m just wondering – what do you think Georgia’s record in 2009 would be if Cox compiles these passing numbers:  2,789 yards on 192 of 324 passes (59.3%), 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions?

Those were Greene’s stats in his first year, when Georgia went 8-4.


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A solution for T. Boone Pickens’ potential incontinence problem.

No, not these.

No, not these.

What potential incontinence problem, you ask?  This one:

He’s hopeful for an 11-0 start for his Cowboys going into a season-closing Bedlam showdown with Oklahoma, which would mean regular-season wins over Georgia and Texas. A BCS bid might be a reality for the first time, given Oklahoma State’s high-powered offense and the hiring of veteran defensive coordinator Bill Young.

“It would be big,” Pickens said of the BCS. “I haven’t been there. It would probably make me pee in my pants.”

A Georgia win on Saturday should go a long way towards taking care of that messy possibility.  After all, it did the trick the last time.

… He’s wary, remembering a disastrous visit Between the Hedges in 2007. The first thing Pickens spied as he exited his private plane was a replica of OSU’s mascot hanging from a flagpole. Things only got worse in a 35-14 Georgia win.


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Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da…

Steve Spurrier reflects on recruiting cheatin’ in today’s SEC:

Do you think there’s less cheating in the SEC than there was in the 1990s when you were at Florida?

SS: I think there’s less cheating, but I think there’s more ‘I don’t give a damn’ about the little rules. You know, the secondary stuff. I heard a coach say, ‘If I need to call a kid, I’ll get my wife to call him on her phone. I didn’t call him, so that’s not a violation.’ That’s the kind of stuff we’re dealing with now. I don’t think anybody’s buying cars or giving cash away the way they were years ago, but the secondary things are going on more than ever.

It’s all part of the plan, as someone likes to say.


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Monday morning buffet

Less than a week to go, folks.

  • Pat Forde’s got a good column up about the evolution of college offenses.  Read Rich Brooks’ comment at the end of the piece about what a good fit Tebow is for Meyer’s scheme and wonder again what Florida does with Jeff Brantley’s different skill set next year.
  • Then you should read this companion article in The Quad about how college defenses are struggling to keep up with the changes on offense, if for no other reason than to see Gary Patterson’s chili metaphor.
  • There’s nothing like a condescending, clichéd piece on Southerners to get you ready for the season opener.
  • At least our schools are kicking ass in the revenue department, though.  Plus, “Other conferences can downplay it all they want, but the SEC is everywhere now…” SEC!  SEC!  SEC!, indeed.
  • The folks in the Mountain West continue to kid themselves“The critical aspect as far as getting to one of the BCS games is doing very well in your conference…” See how that works for BYU if the Cougars get whipped by Oklahoma.  Sooner or later, the MWC schools have to start winning some of those big OOC regular season match ups if the conference wants to be taken seriously year in and year out.
  • Two phone calls were all it took to put Georgia and Oklahoma State together.
  • When you come out of preseason practice and your biggest gripe is that your punt team isn’t living up to expectations, you’re in pretty good shape.
  • No pressure, Pokes:  This is as big as it gets for a season opener for the Cowboys.”
  • And why should there be pressure, when the answers to all of OSU’s questions are breaking the Cowboys’ way?


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The psychology of Stafford vs. Cox

I hate to pick on David Ching to make a point, but I think he’s 180 degrees off when he says this:

… Ask yourself who wanted to win last year’s Georgia-Florida game more: Matthew Stafford or Tim Tebow. The answer to that question was clear when the Gators turned a 14-3 halftime lead into a 49-10 victory – not that Stafford alone deserves the blame for that loss.

I don’t think Matt’s problem in the second half was that he didn’t care enough.  Quite the opposite – I think he cared too much.  In his own way, I believe he was guilty of having the same mentality that Reshad Jones and Michael Moore noted gripped the team last year.

“That had a lot to do with our downfall,” safety Reshad Jones said. “We weren’t as one. We were high ranked. Other guys were looking at other big-name guys. We weren’t focused on the task ahead of us.”

On offense, those big name guys were Stafford and Moreno – stars who showed up in highlights and led the SEC in passing and rushing, respectively. They were guys players expected to pick up the team when it needed a boost.

“You kind of felt that you could depend on Stafford to make the throw or you could depend on Knowshon to make that one run that’s going to change the game,” said senior receiver Michael Moore…

Against a team as talented as Florida, feeling like you have to pick up and carry your team on your shoulders isn’t conducive to playing winning football.  And it showed.

The only reason I mention this is because whatever kind words are being tossed Joe Cox’ way right now, nobody is expecting him to do the same thing with this year’s squad, including Cox himself.  The Florida game shows that there’s an upside to that.  Maybe the lows won’t be as much of a meltdown in ’09.

On the other hand, I hope we aren’t going to see moments like we did against Kentucky and Georgia Tech last year, when the defense fell apart and it was Stafford who kept bringing the team back.  Because – no reflection on Joe, but he’s not going to be a number one draft pick any time soon – the highs this year at QB probably won’t be as high, either.


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More from the That-was-then, this-is-now Chronicles.

A question popped into my head while I was getting ready to go to work this morning.

Let’s say that Georgia pulls off an 11-1 regular season, losing to a credible 10-2 LSU, but beating the 11-1 Gators in a close game.

That puts the Dawgs in the SECCG.  Let’s say they go there and lose to a ‘Bama team that finishes 11-2 with the win there.

Finally, let’s stipulate that no D-1 school finishes undefeated.

My question is this:  how straight faced will Herbstreit be when he argues that Florida should play in the BCS title game despite not winning its conference?


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