Question of the day

After reading this comment by David Hale about Joe Cox…

Cox knows what he’s doing and has a good enough arm to get the job done. He’s David Greene with less playing experience…

I’m just wondering – what do you think Georgia’s record in 2009 would be if Cox compiles these passing numbers:  2,789 yards on 192 of 324 passes (59.3%), 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions?

Those were Greene’s stats in his first year, when Georgia went 8-4.


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9 responses to “Question of the day

  1. D.N. Nation

    8-4, but not worlds away from being better. Florida was demonstratively better (24-10 could have been a lot worse), but all the other ones came down to the bitter end. Especially Auburn. Oof.


  2. Prov

    Cox has had four years to learn the playbook before his first start, Greene had 8 months.


  3. Texas_Dawg

    I’d guess 9-3 or 10-2 with those numbers.

    And those numbers are about what I expect from Cox this year. That’s not a bad season from a first-year starter in the SEC. (It will leave the “Stafford wasn’t a leader, etc., etc.” crowd with a whole lot of problems to reconcile though.)


    • Turd Ferguson

      I dare to question a single quality of a single former Georgia player and, all the sudden, I’m part of a “crowd”? Gosh, I apologize. I’ll never again echo the sentiments of the players themselves.

      You’ll excuse my eye-rolling …


  4. Juan Solo

    How about Shockley’s numbers? Throw those suckers up there.

    Wasnt it like 24 TDs 5 Ints or something? I am too lazy to actually look it up, but that would be nice.


  5. D.N. Nation

    2,588 yards on 173 of 310 passing (56%). You’re right about the TDs and INTs: 24-5.


  6. Raleighdawg

    Also, Cox will have an additional game. Dawgs played 11 game regular season in 01.


  7. Ben Rockwell

    He’s David Green with less playing time in the SEC, but he’s certainly got more experience with the playbook itself. Also, he’s been in the system his whole career, and everyone else around him has, too. Greene, though, was in with a crowd who was learning everything for the first time.

    Until I am given a reason to think otherwise, I truly believe the Dawgs are going to be all right this year. I’m no expert, and I’m probably just wearing my Bulldog-colored glasses, but one thing we know about Richt’s teams is that they usually put up pretty damn good fights and don’t often lose them. Why do any of us expect this year to be any different?


  8. How about comparing Green’s second year numbers? That’s closer to the situation Cox is in right now.