You’ve got your alternate version of reality, I’ve got mine.

One little meme that keeps popping up – I heard Fox’ Charles Davis repeat it on 680 The Fan yesterday – is that if Gene Chizik had remained at Texas as the defensive coordinator and not gone on to that 5-19 debacle at Iowa State, nobody would be questioning Auburn’s hire of Chizik today.

Aside from the fact that this whole train of thought is irrelevant, because, after all, the man was the head coach at Iowa State for two years and basically stunk on ice running the show there, does anybody making this argument pause to consider that if Chizik had never left Austin, he most likely wouldn’t be the head coach at Auburn today?  Why?  Because that would mean that Will Muschamp would never have the left the Plains to serve as Chizik’s successor at Texas.

So how long do you think Jay Jacobs’ hiring decision would have taken if Tubby resigned and Mr. Boom MF were sitting at home in Auburn, Alabama still wearing orange and blue?  Hell, Jacobs would have been run out of town on a rail if he hadn’t have offered Muschamp the job under those circumstances.

Gene who?

Gene who?



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5 responses to “You’ve got your alternate version of reality, I’ve got mine.

  1. John

    Charles Davis is a clown.


  2. Section Z alum

    i have about given up on 680. too lazy to find any substance, so they bait callers with michael vick and other nonsense. and they are broadcasting gator games.

    there’s a reason i don’t buy gatorade. evah


  3. 81Dog

    The what if Chizik never left Texas scenario is about as relevant, and more stupid, than asking “What if Napoleon had air support at the Battle of Waterloo?”

    It warms my heart to think that Bobby Lowder’s parting gift to AU before his stock completely collapsed was to hire somebody who can steer his football ship of state right into the proverbial iceberg. May Chizik do for AU what he did for Iowa State!


  4. Dyingyak

    No…Muschamp would have still left Auburn when he did. There are plenty of reports of tension between Muschamp and Jacobs…who essentially let him go.

    But that gets back to the point that Tuberville was slipping and starting to loose control.


  5. NRBQ

    The world of CFB would be way better off if Davis had stayed with the Golf Channel.