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“Well, I think we finally figured out we ought to throw to him more.”

Here’s something to smile about:

A.J. Green remembers what it was like a year ago at this time: “just going out there and playing, not really knowing the plays, not able to read defenses and stuff like that.”

You’d never have known it from his stats, but Green says what you saw last year was not the full A.J. because his knowledge of the system was limited and his groin was bothering him all year.

He says he’s “smarter” and “healthier” now.

“I know the plays and know the system also,” he said. “I’m pretty comfortable.”

And: “It will be good to go out there without my groin hurting me in the middle of the game.”

All in all, Green  thinks the improved knowledge and health, plus a year’s experience, have made him “much better” than a year ago…

Ohhh… that year ago.



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Mark Richt at the Athens Country Club

Bill King’s got a solid write up at his AJ-C blog this morning.  It’s definitely worth a read.

I’m a little concerned that Tripp is doubtful, as the numbers at defensive end aren’t that great to start with.  On the other hand, Coach Richt really sounds energized about this year’s prospects.

Maybe I’m showing my age here a little bit, but did Richt’s “He really looked good in shorts” comment about Ealey remind anybody of that old Saturday Night Live parody of Mr. T saying “hey, boy, you look cute in them shorts”?  Bueller?  Bueller?  Never mind.


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Phil Steele sez…

against the advice of his computer, Georgia 28, Oklahoma State 27.

If you look at the QB, RB and home field edge than the Cowboys deserve to be a large favorite. Georgia however is underrated much like they were in 2005 when they won the SEC Title despite being picked third by the media in the East. In 2007 they were also picked 3rd by the media in the East but finished #2 in the country! Last year they had a big target on their back as the preseason #1 team and then lost their top OL and top DL to injury just prior to the year. This year they are very strong along the line of scrimmage and have one of the top defenses in the country. Joe Cox will surprise folks at QB and is not a fuzzy faced freshman but a 5th year senior. They have a stable of good RB’s and WR AJ Green. Mark Richt has the nation’s best record in opposing stadiums and Georgia can play the respect card here, they know everyone thinks they will lose this game. In 2007 Okla St was the trendy upset pick prior to the season but Georgia rolled over them 35-14 at home in the opener. The pressure is on Oklahoma St with a rare preseason Top Ten ranking and I will go out on a limb and call for the upset.

By the way, the funniest thing on Steele’s prediction page is that he says his computer projected Charleston Southern to score minus nine points against Florida.  Helluva match up, Corch Meyers.


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“Do you REALIZE that we’ve got to go to Oklahoma State on Saturday?”

Okay, the season can officially commence now.

God bless Larry Munson.


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Wednesday morning buffet

One more day…

  • Does Oregon have a uniform that won’t clash with a blue field?
  • Here come the lawyers.
  • Here’s a twist:  Oklahoma State isn’t intimidated by Georgia’s road record.
  • Aron White on attending the Missouri-Nebraska game growing up:  “There would be fights in the stands and all kind of people wearing corn and all kinds of stuff.” Wearing corn?  And they give us a hard time for barking.
  • This may be the sanest reason ever for going into coaching.  And we thought Mike Leach had a unique background.
  • Matt Melton takes a look at Stephen Garcia’s future and doesn’t need shades.
  • Mike Gundy using the Georgia game to send a message?  Surely, you jest.
  • Paul links to Pulpwood’s OSU prediction.  (As he says, it’s definitely not safe for work.)
  • Does Joe Cox hint at what’s to come“We still do the same things, but we have a lot of new guys, especially at the tight end position, that we’re going to try and use more this year.”


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