Mark Richt at the Athens Country Club

Bill King’s got a solid write up at his AJ-C blog this morning.  It’s definitely worth a read.

I’m a little concerned that Tripp is doubtful, as the numbers at defensive end aren’t that great to start with.  On the other hand, Coach Richt really sounds energized about this year’s prospects.

Maybe I’m showing my age here a little bit, but did Richt’s “He really looked good in shorts” comment about Ealey remind anybody of that old Saturday Night Live parody of Mr. T saying “hey, boy, you look cute in them shorts”?  Bueller?  Bueller?  Never mind.



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11 responses to “Mark Richt at the Athens Country Club

  1. Bobmal

    I could be mistaken, but are you thinking of Eddie Murphy’s Mr. T “lookin mighty cute in them jeans.”? I think it was from Delirious.


  2. Joe B.

    Donnan said on the radio a couple of days ago that the heat is not as big a factor as the wind in Oklahoma.


  3. Prov

    Why don’t you come over here and p…

    Oh, nevermind.


  4. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Forecast for Stoolwater on Sat is showers and 81 … Weather won’t be a factor and may help us pound the rock.


  5. Texas_Dawg

    Here’s a chart showing UGA’s point spreads under Richt so far. (Losses in red, wins in black. OKST -6 shaded in orange.)

    The market definitely seeing this as one of the toughest games yet in the Richt era. Would be a huge win, imho.