Wednesday morning buffet

One more day…

  • Does Oregon have a uniform that won’t clash with a blue field?
  • Here come the lawyers.
  • Here’s a twist:  Oklahoma State isn’t intimidated by Georgia’s road record.
  • Aron White on attending the Missouri-Nebraska game growing up:  “There would be fights in the stands and all kind of people wearing corn and all kinds of stuff.” Wearing corn?  And they give us a hard time for barking.
  • This may be the sanest reason ever for going into coaching.  And we thought Mike Leach had a unique background.
  • Matt Melton takes a look at Stephen Garcia’s future and doesn’t need shades.
  • Mike Gundy using the Georgia game to send a message?  Surely, you jest.
  • Paul links to Pulpwood’s OSU prediction.  (As he says, it’s definitely not safe for work.)
  • Does Joe Cox hint at what’s to come“We still do the same things, but we have a lot of new guys, especially at the tight end position, that we’re going to try and use more this year.”


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3 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Batdawg

    Re: Joe Cox’s hint – I thought the same when I read this quote from Richt in Jeff Shultz’s column yesterday:

    “Defenses don’t know a lot about us,” he said. “They know A.J.Green and maybe they know Richard Samuel — or they just know somebody’s going to play tailback and they’ll key on that position more than the player. But other than that, they really don’t know what we have. Heck, we really don’t know what we have. They probably have some doubt about what we’re going to do. If you have somebody there that people know, and they know what that player’s production is, they’ll say, ‘OK, let’s get a plan together to handle these guys.’


  2. Dog in TN

    Coach London, quite a man. Thank goodness he is now helping young men learn the game of life.


  3. JasonC

    I think more play out of the TE is a given. White has some more PT under his belt and from what has been written, Charles seems like a mismatch against most LBs in the passing game.
    If teams double AJ, that will allow TEs to find more holes in the defense.