“Well, I think we finally figured out we ought to throw to him more.”

Here’s something to smile about:

A.J. Green remembers what it was like a year ago at this time: “just going out there and playing, not really knowing the plays, not able to read defenses and stuff like that.”

You’d never have known it from his stats, but Green says what you saw last year was not the full A.J. because his knowledge of the system was limited and his groin was bothering him all year.

He says he’s “smarter” and “healthier” now.

“I know the plays and know the system also,” he said. “I’m pretty comfortable.”

And: “It will be good to go out there without my groin hurting me in the middle of the game.”

All in all, Green  thinks the improved knowledge and health, plus a year’s experience, have made him “much better” than a year ago…

Ohhh… that year ago.



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11 responses to ““Well, I think we finally figured out we ought to throw to him more.”

  1. JasonB

    That video is just as much a testament to Stafford. Some of those throws are just absolutely amazing.


  2. dean

    Now if Moore or another receiver can take some of the double teams off him he might be able to get a 1,000 yards this year.


  3. Ben Rockwell

    On the ESPNU College Football podcast today, the guy who is NOT Ivan Maisel was talking about how Julio Jones should be considered for the Heisman Trophy and how he’s one of the best WRs playing the game. I think the Heisman’s overrated, but I think if you’re going to talk about Julio Jones, you have to talk about AJ Green in the same breath.


    • Will Q

      Don’t worry, Ben, I’m sure that after AJ gets more receiving yards and TDs that Julio again, it’ll get blamed on the fact that AJ has a senior QB behind an experienced line throwing to him while Julio is catching passes from a first-time starter behind a rebuilding line. And Julio will, of course, still be the better receiver, all evidence on the field to the contrary.


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    Here’s hoping A.J. can avoid a sophomore slump w/o Stafford throwing him rockets and MoMass taking pressure on the other side.

    My guess is that he’ll put up comparable numbers to last season. He seems to have a little bit of that “athletic cockiness” that the truly great ones have.


  5. RopeDawg

    I will always be a Matt Stafford fan, and credit should be given to him on many of the throws in this video. The kid had a cannon, and I’ll definitely miss watching him between the hedges this year. But the first thing I thought after watching that last toss from Cox to Green in the G-Day game was ‘I bet Stafford would have overthrown that ball.’ I expect good things out of this year’s team, and I can’t wait for Saturday.


  6. RedCrake

    Stafford could make some amazing throws and I really did enjoy his time here. But, in those highlights there were only a handful of throws (maybe 5) that Cox couldn’t make. A lot of Stafford’s intermediate throws in that video were high as well…and AJ could go up and get them, which was great. But he’d get nailed immediately after. If they had hit him in stride he could have had more yards after the catch.

    Not knocking on Matt cause he did some really amazing things in Red and Black, just saying that Cox to Green will be able to deliver some spectacular plays of its own.


  7. The Realist

    AJ is a game changer. If you cover him man-to-man, you will get burned. If you provide safety help over the top, the o-line and the running backs should have a field day.

    Most defenses will have to pick their poison.


  8. Dog in Fla

    “Well, I think we finally figured out we ought to throw to him more.”

    #1 on Mark Richt’s top-ten list of half-time one-liners.


  9. Juan Solo

    As everyone has already pointed out, the real standout in that video is Stafford. WOW.