Can you say “tentative”?

Good.  I thought you could.

To put things in a nutshell, what Georgia lacks on offense is an identity, a purpose.

I hate to make the comparison, but look at what Alabama did tonight.  When you break the Tide’s offense down into its component parts, there are a lot of similarities to Georgia – inexperienced quarterback, superstar playmaker at wide receiver, tight ends that haven’t played much in the system.  ‘Bama’s got more depth at running back; Georgia’s got more experience in the o-line.  All told, pretty much a wash.

But here’s the difference:  Alabama knows what it is as an offensive team.  It’s a run-first, pound the other team and set up the play-action pass offense.  It wasn’t pretty starting out (I think McElroy was 2-12 at one point throwing the ball) and there were ups and downs for a while, but in the end, they stuck to what they are and wore a much better defensive team than Oklahoma State out.

Compare that to what Georgia’s offensive coordinator had to say about his game plan.

“We felt confident coming into the game that we’d be able to do some things and be successful, but we just weren’t able to after that first drive,” offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said. “I feel like right now I could have done a better job. I thought our guys played hard and I just didn’t put them in enough great position to make some plays.”

“It’s hard to run it over and over and over again,” Bobo said. “You’ve got to be balanced. You’ve got to stretch the field. Looking back on it, I think I didn’t stretch the field enough. … Just varying what we’re doing a little bit formation-wise and trying to get the ball in (A.J. Green’s) hands a little more.”

I swear, I thought there was a stretch in the first half where Bobo looked down at his play card, decided he’d called too many running plays and went pass heavy just so he could get to a point where his calls balanced.  Never mind whether his offense was moving the ball.  That’s not a scheme; that’s an abstract goal.  And I think the play on the field reflected that.

There’s certainly no need to panic and there’s certainly the opportunity to fix problems, but these guys need to decide what they’re all about first.  Noodling around isn’t going to cut it.



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  1. Carter

    I have a feeling that Saban expects and demands more from his coaches and his players. I also have the feeling that Saban and his coaches put in more hours in the workweek. He’s not concerned about being a well-rounded family man who shows blind loyalty to his assistants; all he cares about is W’s. If you coach in the contemporary SEC with the likes of Saban and Meyer, an NFL mentality is the requirement. Meaning results are what counts, not seniority and personal relationships.

    Bobo seems more enamored with the Donnan playbook than the system Richt developed at FSU. If this continues, maybe Richt can look up Chris Weinke.


  2. Robert

    “I swear, I thought there was a stretch in the first half where Bobo looked down at his play card, decided he’d called too many running plays and went pass heavy just so he could get to a point where his calls balanced.”

    -My thoughts exactly, Senator. As soon as we fumbled up the middle, we bailed on the run. The first drive was called to perfection, but I can’t say much for the play-calling after that.

    Ouch. I wonder what the OBC is thinking now…


  3. Will Q

    “I swear, I thought there was a stretch in the first half where Bobo looked down at his play card, decided he’d called too many running plays and went pass heavy just so he could get to a point where his calls balanced. ”

    Senator, I had almost exactly the same thought. I wondered if Thomas’s fumble scared Bobo away from the run game because he didn’t know if Samuel would have a dependable back-up? There was at least one shot of Samuel cycling on the sideline to keep from getting cramps.


  4. SavDawg

    Robert and/or Will Q, forgot you already posted?

    Carter…agree with the overall sentiment of your comment, but Bobo has only been the OC for three years. We haven’t seen the FSU playbook EVER since Richt’s been the coach. Maybe some plays here and there, but not the whole thing. That’s not how he coached when he was also OC, and, as a Head Coach, it doesn’t look like he will change.

    I’m not saying that’s bad, but the offense hasn’t changed all that much since Richt’s been here. I don’t see it changing very much, regardless of who’s OC. If Bobo was so enamored with Donnan’s offensive playbook, where were the bubble screens? And where was QC? It’s not like he’s real busy at the moment.

    The question I have with all this is, who or what made Richt decide that run-first, low-frills offense would win, if you coupled that with a good defense? Was that part of the agreement with Dooley to get hired? If so, where the hell is Erk, because as good as Van Gorder was, he weren’t no Erk. There won’t be another Erk, and if we want to win with that mindset, we need to throw about 3 million dollars to Charlie Strong, because we all know he’s the best coach at UF right now, and responsible for at least 1 MNC.



    • Hackerdog

      I think you meant to criticize the defenses of Martinez. Van Gorder was, by any standard, an excellent defensive coordinator. That’s why he’s doing that job in the NFL right now. There were many games during BVG’s tenure at UGA where outstanding defense and lackluster offense produced wins.

      However, I think the point is moot, because the defense did not lose this game. We could have done better, but holding the best skills trio in the game to 24 points ain’t bad.

      Our problem is that we only mustered 10 points against an historically awful defense.


    • Carter

      When Richt was our OC I assumed that the play calling was so conservative and vanilla because he felt that he didn’t have time to implement more due to head coaching demands.

      I watched a ton of FSU games in the 90s, and you are right – we have never offensively resembled those teams.

      I thought when Richt handed over the reigns to Bobo we might open it up a bit. That hasn’t been the case.

      Far too often we seem to play with our a-holes puckered up. I would rather go down swinging in a flaming heap than watch such timid play calling.


  5. SavDawg

    One other thing, does it appear that the Coaching staff ain’t all on the same page? I believe someone else posted a comment along those lines on another post, but there seems to be some dissension in the ranks. At the least, the coaching staff doesn’t seem to be on the same page.



  6. Carter

    Orson Swindle says:

    Mark Richt’s ability to slow a successful game plan down midstream never fails to astonish us.

    September 5th, 2009 at 5:10 pm


  7. Frank M. Davis, Jr.

    Being “tentative without purpose” leaves you in the bar—at last call—with only a headache to accompany you home.


  8. benjamin

    quit looking for the FSU offense from the 90s. it was a different era with different players. hell FSU now doesnt look like they did in the 90s. the level of play and players across the board has stepped up. i think u need to question leadership. i saw a team not sure about what they wanted to do not just from one series to the next but from play to play as well. that and the fact that your team is in transition no one knows who the leaders are. green is too young along with everyone else at the skill position. and dont tell me joe is the leader…is a novel idea but i just didnt see it from him yesterday.


  9. There are some serious problems in the program that need to be addressed and that’s going to require some people to take off the blinders and be realistic:

    1. Mark Richt is getting outcoached and outworked on an increasingly regular basis. He isn’t going against Phil Fulmer and Chan Gailey anymore. Does ANYONE out there doubt that Saban and Meyer are better in-game, instinctive coaches? Richt’s best bet is to outprepare opponents during the week, and that obviously ain’t happening.

    2. There is a major accountability problem. NO ONE on the staff has any since of urgency during a game or any other time. They coach like people that know their jobs are safe no matter what. To see the coverage nightmare of last year replay itself yesterday was maddening. Do you think that would happen at Florida, Alabama, LSU? Loyalty will get you so far and then it will get you fired. Ask Jim Donnan and Quincy Carter.

    3. Can we be honest about Richt’s offense at FSU for once? I’ve put up with this myth for 9 years and I’m sick of it. Richt’s offense, by his own admission, has never been overly complicated. I have a copy of the playbook from the 1994 FSU offense and the 2004 UGA offense. They are basically identical. I also have a copy of Donnan’s playbook from 1998. It is about 3 times as thick.

    The offense relies either on superior talent(FSU) or perfect execution(David Greene). The play action out of the I is great if you have a huge talent advantage where you can get serious separation. But, if you’re playing comparable talent, those passing windows are very, very small. Cox can’t get the ball out quick enough. It’s obvious.

    4. Jan 1, 2006 vs. WVU. Any mystique or toughness or intangibles that Richt had built during his first five years died in the Dome that night. We haven’t been the same since.

    5. Evans is going to have to man up with regards to assistants. UAB did us the biggest favor we could ever ask for by taking Calloway. We’re not going to get that lucky again. Aside from Gardner, b/c of his recruiting, and Searles, no one wants any other coach on our staff. That is very, very telling.

    6. I love him, but Richt has peaked and we’re either on the plateau or on the downward slide. We backed into two SEC championships b/c Florida couldn’t get its shit together. That’s not happening again. He is getting outrecruited, outworked and then turned inside out on gameday. He would have been PERFECT for that UVA job he was offered. He is a great, great ACC coach, but he’s soft and he’s not a-hole enough to go up against Saban and Meyer.


    • Christian

      First off, Go Dawgs (win or lose)!!

      Well said tri guy.

      The final point is the most telling. I disagree slightly about us “backing in” to anything, we just had some success and other teams made their counter-moves.

      That said it is time for CMR to make his “counter-move” and get things back on track or we’ll be back at the 12-25 range in the Top 25 not the 1-11.


    • Louisiana-Monroe

      “Does ANYONE out there doubt that Saban and Meyer are better in-game, instinctive coaches?”



    • Will Q

      Agree with you in large part, except for “backing into” championships. By that logic, Florida and Tennessee backed into their domination during the 90s just because we could get our shit together.


      • Will Q

        I meant “not” get it together.


        • We look like a team trying not to lose as opposed to a team trying to win. We have no GATA attitude or mentality. Our overall offensive philosphy is very vanilla & defensively very soft. There is no talent problem in Athens, so leaves coaching problems. I’m just saying…


  10. heyberto

    I’m just not that worried about it. Non conference game, early in the season. We’ll see how we adjust in the next few games. Defense looks pretty good, Offensive Line didn’t live up to the hype, numerous dropped passes that should have been catches. Play calling? I thought it was ok (certainly could have been better) but not why we lost the game. I’m hoping some of Joe’s problems stemmed from not being 100%.

    I see this being a positive for the team. Richt & co. can use this to build from, to adjust. It all depends on what happens from here.


    • SavDawg

      Umm…why do you think we lost the game then? Seems to me like you just exempted the entire team and coaching staff.

      I’m hoping OSU is really that good. Right now, I don’t see it.


  11. BigOldDawg

    I vaguely remember, tears tend to cloud memory, worrying about the offensive line last week. I saw nothing to make me feel better.

    Stafford and Moreno would make almost any offensive line look good…if you don’t look closely.

    I am dreadfully freaking tired of losing to teams that want it worse than we do.

    And we most certainly do look like FSU…losing big games with superior talent.

    And Senator, I think I warned you about Tennessee.
    and yes, it was W. KY, but this is not the Pumpkin’s Vols.

    This is a whine, but if I ever have a bad thought about SEC officiating, please kick me.

    It has already been a long year.


  12. keith

    1-KOs still suck.
    2- Joe Cox is not a SEC QB. He reminds me of another Joe.
    3- Maybe the worst call I have seen in a while on the personal foul against Jones.
    4- CWM also abandoned his plan. He quit blitzing for some reason. Robinson was below average when pressured.
    5- If that is our offense I saw yesterday against a bad OSU defense, we will be lucky to win 6 games.


  13. Maybe I am crazy, but I am still just not able to jump on the Richt has peaked/isn’t good enough bandwagon.

    He wins WAY too many damn games. That’s just a fact.

    Is he perfect? No. Is he at a major crossroads in his career? Yes.

    He is going to have to learn to fire people. I’m just a fan. I don’t really know who is responsible for what, but SOMEONE on the coaching staff is not getting things done and it is someone (or someones) at a high level. Richt has to figure out who those people are and fire them.

    If it is Bobo’s uncreative offense… he has to go. If Fabris won’t listen to Richt? He definitely has to go. If this game was lucky, and the defense stinks it up again this season (or cannot get turnovers or sacks AGAIN), then Martinez has to go.

    UGA makes too much money off football and has too devoted of a fan base to still be without a title since 1980.


    • heyberto

      Great post, and I’m with you for the most part. As for firing people, who do you think he should get rid of this season after one game? (hope that doesn’t sound condescending) the defensive game plan was sound, and the defense played pretty well. The OL has improved even if its not where it needs to be, and I don’t think anyone can say Sorrells should go. After one game, the problems are on offense. My point being, its not like we’re picking up where we left off last year with the same problems. We’ve got a new, untested QB, working in more backs that need experience (one key person in that rotation is injured), and we played a top 10 team. The question, to me, is not how bad some aspects of our game were after one game, but how we respond to those points from here. I just don’t get the doom and gloom in any way.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        When discussing who should get fired everyone seems to be missing the person who is most responsible for this debacle–Athletic Director Damon Evans. It is the responsibility of the AD to put the coaches and the players in the best position to succeed. this was a trap game and everybody in the country knew it except (apparantly)for the UGA AD. This was going to be the signature win for the Okie State program to propel them on to greater things (funded by $300 Million of T. Boone Pickens’ money) and the homer refs were not going to let the Dawgs win that game — no matter what. Everyone who saw the game should have seen it. Every time the Pokes needed a little help from the refs they got it. The defense STOPPED the Poke offense on 4th and one near the Bulldog goal line but they got a “generous spot” (that’s what the tv announcers called it) to get a first down and scored on the next play. When they needed help getting an insurance TD they get a bogus personal foul call on a legit hit on a receiver trying to catch a ball that actually touched his hands. They scored a TD 2 plays later. And when a UGA returner is running back a kick for an apparent TD that would have put the Dawgs back in the game they got a block in the back call. Sure the offense looked out of sync. New QB, new RB. But the defense played well enough to win. The game was taken from the Dawgs and it was preordained that was going to happen. Home cookin’ is a fact of life in college football and anyone who does not recognize that it exists is a fool. Which brings us back to Damon Evans. Do you think the Gators or Tide ADs would have let this happen to their teams? Do you think this would have happened to UGA with Joel Eaves as AD? Wake up everybody. We have an idiot running things. Look at the future “tentative”schedules. There are trap games just like this all over. Oregon at Oregon. Colorado at Colorado. Louisville at Louisville. All of this has to do with this crazy “branding” idea that Evans has about UGA playing a national schedule. Well, it worked. We got branded on national television as a weak team. The way to build a brand is with regular success–like Alabama and Florida have been doing–not with setting up your team for a screw job. Get rid of this guy before he does permanent damage. He is taking the team back to the same kind of scheduling mistakes of the Goff era. look at the schedules for upcoming years and wake up before it is too late.


        • Will Q

          I won’t comment on the rest of your post, but the block in the back on Prince Miller’s big return was pretty blatant on the replay.


        • ArchDawg

          Yeah, Richt did not seem to be pleased–based on quotes over the summer–with opening against OK State this year. ESPECIALLY this year, which if I can use a one-game-hyperbole looks to be a rebuilding one. Would’ve loved a cupcake yesterday.


        • AceG8tr

          You know, Mayor, you’re exactly right. The last time I saw the refs steal a game from the Dawgs so blatantly was last year against the Gators. Geez.


          P.S. Not.


        • Will

          I’m not sure if you’re serious, but if you are, you’re crazy. Playing big games doesn’t seem to hurt Texas, USC or Ohio State. I understand these examples aren’t from the SEC, but LSU benefited mightily by beating Va. Tech in 2007, while we were unlucky in that Oklahoma State fell apart after our game. Playing big name opponents is ALWAYS preferable to wacking Georgia Southern around. Because as bad as it is losing to Okie. St., at least people saw us play. All 3 people that would have paid extra to see us play Georgia Southern again wouldn’t do anything for the program.

          Also, Damon Evans cannot only get home games for us. Your ridiculous comment implies that what you see as trap games are away games. The Oklahoma State game in 2007 wasn’t a trap because we won, regardless of where it was. Similarly, having Oregon come to us is amazing, and will (hopefully) be a good game. But imagining that these teams will come play us out of the goodness of their hearts is foolish at best. If you’d rather play all Conference USA teams, start pulling for UAB. I’m sure they don’t schedule all these “trap” games you’re worried about.


          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            You don’t think there were bad calls against the Dawgs in that game? I listed 14 points of ref gifts to Okie State. That’s if the block in the back was real. I saw the replay, too and am not as sure as you seem to be. The Dawgs lost by 14. In a straight up game it would have been an ugly win but a win nonetheless. LOSING on national TV does NOT help your program. There is a right way to get into a season and a wrong way. The right way is the way it was done by Joel Eaves during the Dooley years (first game always at home –a Baylor type team). Who did Florida play yesterday? (Charleston Southern). Who did Tennessee play?( Western Ky). Who did Auburn play? (La Tech). And where did they play? AT HOME. Name one other major national power who did what the Dawgs did–show up to be fodder for the “coming out” of the new stadium at some other potential national power’s place. If it was on a neutral field like Alabama-Va Tech or BYU- OK , maybe– but not like this. The only time in recent memory that an SEC team did something that stupid was when Auburn went to LA to play USC in the opening game about 5 years ago and got whacked something like 35-0.(And by the way it ruined their season that year.) Oh, one more thing. Ohio State, Texas and USC don’t have to play an SEC East schedule. It’s easy to work a national team into your rotation when you are playing Indiana, Illinois and Minnesota or Stanford and Washington State. The real problem comes when you fly to the other side of the country, get waxed, then have to fly back and play an SEC team a week later.I just hope this train wreck doesn’t have the repercussions for the whole season that I fear have now been set in motion.


            • SavDawg

              Nice post Mr. Leeburn. Are you f-ing kidding me? Do you really think Damon Evans scheduled this game for us so we would lose ON PURPOSE?

              Where did we play last year, first game? How did that help our season?

              Remind me again how many National Championships we won while Joel Eaves was the AD. While you’re at it, remind me how his scheduling has anything to do with a running back from Wrightsville.

              Could you also let us know who killed Kennedy, and where that sound stage is they used for the moon landing?


              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                UGA won 6 SEC Championships while Joel Eaves was AD and he was the guy who set the schedule for 1980 when the Dawgs won the national championship. Damon Evans got outsmarted. And I bet T. Boone himself was behind picking who the opponent was for the unveiling of the new stadium. He wanted a nationally known team to come in and be fodder for his alma mater’s coming out party financed by him personally. Remember he has been working on getting the Pokes football program up to the top for several years and they are now pretty much there. Whoever the opponent was was never going to be allowed to win. It would not have mattered if it was Ohio State, Michigan, Bama or USC. It wouldn’t have mattered if Moreno, the Gunslinger and MM played. It wouldn’t have mattered if Frank Sinkwich, Charlie Trippi and Herschel had been the starting backfield. The refs would have done whatever it took for this to be an Okie State win. Anybody who does not understand the concept of home cookin’ stop reading right now. You are too naive to understand what I am talking about. These guys outsmarted us. They were willing to send their team to Athens in ’07 to get drilled to set this up. The job of the AD is to see this coming. Evans missed it and we got a black eye on national TV. I’m not saying don’t be pissed off. I’m saying be pissed off at the right guy. P.S. Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy and there was no sound stage–the moon landing was real.


  14. keith

    Why was our 2nd string QB fielding a punt?


    • Tenn_Dawg

      B/C they have no intentions of playing him at QB……I mean no series intentions. I have watched Cox play four times now and he looked very ordinary the last three. He is living off Colorado ’06. I have yet to see this accruacy he is know for. The first TD could have just as easily been a pick as well. I could see the staff wanting to play him if he was a special talent like DJ but he is very ordinary. UGA will be in the same boat next year…breaking in a new QB. I say play Logan now. He can do everything Cox did yesterday but has way more upside.


      • Will Q

        Yeah, the whole accuracy thing we’ve been hearing about, I didn’t see it either. I was really surprised by how SLOW the ball seemed to move when Cox threw it. At least one of his almost-picks seemed to be because he couldn’t get enough speed on the ball.


      • ArchDawg

        It does appear that Gray will not be the true starting QB at all, unless an injury comes up.


  15. Section Z alum

    i would be a whole lot more worried if we looked as aimless as we did yesterday in terms of finding what works on O and going with it if this were october.

    thought our D looked like it can be pretty good. and the OL seemed, to me at least, to move the line well at times.

    the personal foul late in the game seemed lame, as did the block in the back call. but i had consumed libations.


  16. Hogbody Spradlin

    Somebody buy Reshad Jones a beer.

    I know I’m harping on the same point as in another comment, but since the Tech game he’s been enduring coaches screaming, teammates ragging, and even the Senator calling him out, for weak tackling.

    He gets his shot and flattens the jerk with a hit Greg Blue, hell Jack Tatum, would be proud of, and they throw a bogus flag.

    The man deserves redemption!


  17. keith

    mayor of dawgtown….Bama opened with Va Tech so I don’t know why you would throw them in the equation.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      That was at a neutral site with neutral refs. I am all for that. No home cookin.’ I won’t repeat it all here but read my post at “Let them play” on this blog. OSU turned down $8.5 Million that would have been paid to them if they would move the OSU-UGA game to the new Dallas Cowboy stadium in Arlington, Texas in order to keep the game in Stillwater. Why would they do that? The answer is obvious.


  18. Russ

    I totally agree about the play calling. We abandoned the run much too soon, and then I read where Bobo thought we didn’t stretch the field enough?? WTF?

    We need to pound the ball and put in some well-timed passes. Take advantage of the line and wear the other line down. Alabama played like we should have.


  19. Tenn_Dawg

    Dawgtown quit whinning like a little %itch. Bama will keep playing tough opponents in the Dome and kicking @ss. All while these metro Atl stud recruits are watching.

    How bout if Richt tells Fabris to hell with his kick off strategy and demands that they kick it deep. How bout if Richt makes Willie sit down and watch tape of Bama blitzing the $hit out of VT and just so he knows Bama is not the only team that can do it make him watch Utah giving Bama the same business from last year.

    I’m tired of the excuses. The OL is green, you can’t just kick it deep, our scheme is predicated on pressure with the front four, we have to be balanced, etc. Do they want to play big boy football or not.


  20. 69Dawg

    The loss of Knowson was the biggest loss since HW left. KM would have destroyed OSU. Richard S. does not pick up his feet when he runs, thereby insuring a tackle if you can just get his feet. Heck the turf monster tackled him once. How many times did he get tackled by a guy just reaching out from on the ground and swapping at his feet. He does not cut or have any shake and bake, he is in short a fullback, maybe a fast fullback but a fullback.

    Bobo has a bad habit of trying to show off his skills as a passing game guy when he is playing against pass O’s or O legends (see SCU two years ago when we abandoned the running game so Bobo could show SOS how he could call a passing game.) We are built to run the same O as ALA but we lack the OC to see it or to use it. IF Bobo is the best we can get at OC we are doomed unless Rodney G can recruit some more KM’s and MS’s.


    • Hackerdog

      I thought the same thing about Samuel. I counted exactly one run (pass actually) where he broke a tackle and a second defender had to bring him down. Other than that, the first defender to get there was guaranteed to get Samuel on the ground.

      I think Samuel has a place in our ground game, but I would like to see Smith, Thomas, and King pick up some carries. They’re faster than Samuel, and certainly not any harder to get down.


  21. 69Dawg

    By the way the sound of creaking wheels you hear is the coaching staff circling the wagons. They know they are going to catch heck for the rest of the year after the opening loss so it should get real testy at the Buttsmere building. Saving Fab will now be priority one.


  22. Tenn_Dawg

    Didn’t Richt say on the AJC that they were going to let it all hang out offensively?

    Another double digit loss. How many of these have we had since the end of the ’04 season? Compared to the two-three in the first four years. Just say’in.


  23. baltimore dawg

    all summer, i never adopted any optimism about the outcome of this game. to be totally honest, part of me feared that osu would just come out and shell our defense right away. so when we scored on the first series and forced a punt on their first, i was scolding myself for my pessimism.

    bad as i felt about losing, though, i didn’t become truly depressed until i watched ua/vt. the uga team i watched yesterday is light years behind bama, but both teams looked faster, nastier, and better coached.

    i think there is a talent gap between us and the top sec teams–a coaching talent gap.


    • Tenn_Dawg

      I can’t agree more Baltimore. I was bummed after the loss but watching Bama slowly and methodically destroy VT put it all in prospective for me. You could see Bama literally get better as the evening went on. The intensity was off the charts. Hard to believe we are wasting scholarships on kickers while Bama is gobbling up nasty LBs, DBs and DTs. I wonder if oSu is giving their kid with the booming leg a free ride?


  24. NRBQ

    OSU out-Dawged us last night.

    Their highlight-reel offense RAN THE BALL 50% more than Bobo did. For nearly twice the yardage.

    Our tailback had almost no carries in the second quarter.

    Throw in the dropped passes, penalties and turnovers, and you have more suckage than the D can overcome.


  25. JP

    Hahaha. Everyone has answers.


  26. Ken

    I rewatched the game just a few hours after it was over and here are my thoughts. Feel free to agree or disagree. This is my catharsis that I need to get this game off my mind. I haven’t strapped on pads since the eighth grade. What do I know?

    – What was so significantly different about Jones hit on the receiver that got penalized from the non-call on Chapas in the first half?

    – Doesn’t it seem that you could knock Samuel off his feet by saying “boo!”?
    I like the guy, but come on, yards after contact is where it counts…

    – I like seeing Thomas carry the ball, but a guy smaller than me has no business running up the gut. (Witness the fumble.)

    – Didn’t it seem like Joe eyeballs the receiver too much? To me it appeared that he had his mind made up where the throw was going right away and that’s where he looked as soon as the ball was in his hands.
    It seemed like even the cheerleaders knew where where the passes were destined.

    – I know that the defense performed relativly well, but it seemed like we had zero pressure on the qb from the ends. I don’t remember their qb feeling any pressure.

    – When it was all said and done, we had plenty of opportunities to make them pay for their mistakes and we simply let them hang around too long. Their crowd (and their team to an extent) was deflated until just before the half. We let their playmaker make a play and you could feel the momentum turn.

    -After seeing it again, Dez’s touchdown in the first half was one helluva catch, by the way.

    -For reason’s I can’t exactly put my finger on, I hate hearing Sean McDonough call a game. Maybe it’s because he looks like the guy that works in IT.

    -Somebody will eventually get hurt in that stadium because the walls are so close. Well done, T-Bone.


  27. Ace,

    Take a step back from the keyboard, take a deep breath, and literally GFY!!!!!


  28. JP

    Just finished watching the game again too. I honestly don’t feel terrible about it. I don’t know why.

    That being said, I wonder if the defense would have played as well with out all the OSU penalties. The lack of pressure from the ends didn’t kill us this week because OSU kept putting themselves in second and third and long, but we can’t count on that week to week.


  29. BigOldDawg

    folks, you can watch the replays till doomsday.

    The bottom line is that we were not man enough.

    They wanted it worse, and they got it.

    The comparison with Bama is apt….Bama manned up.

    Anyone who blames one player, or one side of the ball for the loss is blind.

    Especially in the second half, we looked like we had the flu….everybody.

    I just hope we use this as a learning experience. Trust me, the OBC is licking his chops.


  30. BeerMoney

    Here’s my take:

    Even if Samuel was going down on first contact, we were still getting 2-5 yards a clip with him running the football. Do that 2-3 times a series and you have first down after first down. Okie State never shut down our running game and we all pretty much knew this to be true going in. Then just when they sucker in to stop the handoff, roll the QB out on a play action and hit the TE for 8-15 yards. What the hell is so hard to comprehend about this, Bobo?

    Couple that with the fact that Cox wasn’t 100% and was starting his first game since 2006 on the road against a top 10 opponent, then my question has to be why was so much asked of Joe Cox yesterday? Given these conditions, he should have been just asked to be a game manager and to be competent without trying to be Joe Montana winging the ball all over the place. We shouldn’t have stopped trying to run the ball until we got down 2 scores with ~4 minutes left and it was desperation time.

    And whatever happened to handing the ball off to the fullback on short yardage situations? That 3rd and 1 delayed draw play was simply not smart. At worst, let Cox/Gray keep and sneak/dive for a yard.

    I walked away from the game yesterday thinking to myself ‘Vince Dooley would have won this football game given our defensive performance.’ We would have done just enough on offense to put a few points on the board (probably 13-17), reduced the pressure on the QB given the circumstances, and run the ball down their throats. And if we had to punt, then so be it as Butler was booming the ball all day long. Our weaknesses as a whole could have been overcome with a smarter gameplan that utilized our obvious strengths. I am obviously not saying that we should go back to Dooley, but there is something to be said for playing smart, conservative football when you don’t have NFL caliber talent at key skill positions (right now at least).

    As for the kickoffs, can anybody verify if we, indeed, threw some of our blue chip talent guys out there to cover kicks or are they still the guys who are as fast as I am? I have not seen the replay yet so I did not catch this.

    Can our defense not catch a perfectly thrown INT? We cannot blame this on Asher Allen’s broken hand anymore. Except for that, I thought Willie called a very good game. Their rushing attack was non-existent until we were wore out due to being on the field so much in the 2nd half since the offense couldn’t get anything going. We never went into that notorious sleep mode on defense where they just torched us. And bear in mind, that IS a good sign since this is one of the best offenses we will see all season.

    And I am all for Reshad Jones’ hit in every game. Keep doing it and even with a penalty, those little WR’s will think twice before floating over the middle.

    Lastly…overall big picture. I too saw a lot of similarities to UGA and Alabama personnel-wise, but it once again goes back to the gameplan of exploiting your strengths, minimizing your weaknesses and putting your team in the best possible position to win. Alabama did that yesterday. Except for the defense, Georgia did not.


  31. Aligator

    face it … you guys suck ….


  32. donkeydawg


    Maybe you and the Senator are right that Bobo should have just stayed with the running game until it failed, but the first drive was a classic Richt/Bobo keep-em-off-balance combo platter. What I saw was a reasonably good offensive game plan that Cox (and on some occasions, his receivers) simply could not execute. It did not help that long passes (which were, lest we forget, a key part of the offense when Stafford was playing) were off the table entirely.

    Maybe Cox’s physical condition was a big factor, and maybe he was just rusty (though his vast familiarity with the playbook, and his legendary practice performance for years, should have offset that). But this offense can’t function with a guy who can’t throw downfield accurately and can’t beat a blitz with a quick pass.

    You can blame it all on Richt and Bobo, but it might be more reasonable at the moment to insist on someone executing the offense we actually have, which after all, they’ve practiced for so long. Cox should definitely have another chance, when he’s 100%, but if we have another game like this one, we may need to realize we are back in 2006, and it’s time to adjust. At the very end of the Okie State game, I’d have loved to see Gray, or even Murray, be given a shot. I admire the coaching staff’s loyalty to this Joe, like the last Joe, and I hope it pays off this time. But at some point, you have to realize there are other loyal, time-serving players, some of whom will never start a game, who deserve the best season possible.


    • SavDawg

      “You can blame it all on Richt and Bobo, but it might be more reasonable at the moment to insist on someone executing the offense we actually have, which after all, they’ve practiced for so long.”

      If a boat wrecks, should the blame go to the deckhand, the guy running the engine room, or the first mate?

      If a plane crashes, is it the flight attendants’ fault?

      I think Martinez gets a pass on the GT game last year because we didn’t tackle worth a shit, he really didn’t have anyone to sub for those guys, and the game plan seemed to be right.

      Who is ultimately in charge? I don’t think we should fire Richt, and I don’t think he is on the “Hot Seat”, but there’s a reason you don’t go into business with your best friend. At some point, someone has to step up and say “This is what we’re going to do, whether you like it or not”. I think the kickoff situation, and not pulling Cox are a perfect example of that not happening yesterday. That’s not a slight against Cox, or any other player on the team. Yes, the players have to execute, but I’m not going to criticize 18-22 year old young men for not winning this game. Eventually someone will decide this ain’t working, and will fix it. I’m starting to get curious who that someone will be. I’m desperately hoping it will be the guy getting paid more than the Governor.


  33. mitch

    I agree generally with all the comments. I think that most of this is just trying to come to terms with a situation that was just bad all around.

    There are three things I want to point out that may help.
    1. There was no holding calls against the OSU offensive line in the first half. Clearly, Zac should have been sacked three times by Geno and Co.

    2. There was not a pass interference call against Parrish Cox when he jumped on A.J.’s head. This was a drive killer. I believe it was the second drive. Could have maintain some momentum.

    3. If we had not given OSU a 35-yard or less field to work with the game would have ended 10- 7 and UGA wins.

    Take this what you will but these are three things that people have not stated and I thought it was worth mentioning.


  34. russ

    thanks for leaving comments on post-loss. it’s why I come here first everyday.


  35. Hogbody Spradlin

    Is 70 comments a new high water mark?


  36. I was thinking about how our defense, while good, never seems to feel dominant any more – especially when compared to other teams in the SEC.

    So I compiled some numbers.

    Number of games team held opponent under 10 points (number of shutouts in parenthesis)

    02: UGA-4 (0), UF-3 (0), Al-5 (1), Au-5 (1), LSU-3 (1)

    03: UGA-4 (1), UF-3 (0), Al-2 (1), Au-4 (0), LSU-6 (0)

    04: UGA-2 (0), UF-1 (0), Al-3 (1), Au-5 (1), LSU-3 (0)

    05: UGA-2 (0), UF-4 (0), Al-5 (1), Au-4 (0), LSU-5 (1)

    06: UGA-3 (2), UF-4 (2), Al-2 (0), Au-4 (2), LSU-6 (1)

    07: UGA-0 (0), UF-1 (0), Al-1 (0), Au-4 (0), LSU-4 (2)

    08: UGA-1 (0), UF-5 (0), Al-6 (2), Au-2 (0), LSU-2 (0)


    LSU: 29 (5)
    Aub: 28 (4)
    Ala: 24 (6)
    UF: 21 (2)
    UGA: 16 (3)


  37. Tenn_Dawg

    Good post Muckbeast. Now look at those D-coordinators at those schools. Big time coaches.

    Now let’s look at how many double digit losses we have over the last four years versus the first four years of the Richt era. Yeah people always want to point to the fact that Richt still wins at a pretty good clip but how we win and lose badly is the difference. I think those wins are going to start going away little by little until we are the UT of the last 4-5 years.


    • D.N. Nation

      Exactly. We are in a spiral of doom from which there is no escape. Certainly not with the complete lack of talent waiting in the wings. Woe is us.


      • Is that what you think people are saying? That we are in a spiral of doom with no talent? I think we have tons of talent. We have great recruiting. Look at how well our players get drafted.

        I am looking at what is happening on the field, and the trends. I don’t think people are going to fear our defense if we are rarely holding people under 10 points.

        In the last two years, we held our opponent under 10 points just ONCE.

        The number of times other big SEC defenses held their opponents under 10 points in the last 2 years:

        UF: 6
        Alabama: 7 (with 2 shutouts)
        Auburn: 6
        LSU: 6 (with 2 shutouts)

        I find that disturbing. You don’t?

        This means we aren’t even holding any scrub teams under 10 points.


        • D.N. Nation

          Wanna make a bet?

          How many teams do you think will hold Oklahoma State to 24 points this year? And I’m even giving you the two complete BS calls- the bogus spot on 4th-and-1, and the why-didn’t-Reggie-Brown-get-this-call hit by Reshad Jones. Even though I shouldn’t.

          C’mon. Blame this on Willie. I dare you.


        • LSU's defense

          Are you REALLY using us as a positive example of anything?

          Hold on, we gotta miss a tackle. BRB.


        • Auburn the last two years

          Chick-fil-A Bowl, and no bowl. Yay, we’re great.


  38. BeerMoney

    Well, I am going to head up to my closest ledge. Geez.


  39. I didn’t blame anything on Willie, DN.

    Please try reading instead of just jumping to conclusions and arguing against straw men.

    I am looking at general trends to try and figure out why Georgia is being overshadowed of late in the SEC and seems to be moving in the wrong direction.

    With titles in 2002 and 2005, UGA was poised to a truly dominant member of the SEC. Now it seems like UF, LSU, and Alabama are all overshadowing us.

    So just because I was curious, I decided to look up how often we hold ANY opponent under 10 points. Over the last 7 years, we have done so significantly less than LSU, Auburn, Alabama, and Florida. In the last 2 years, it has been even worse.

    I never said this is proof of Martinez sucking or anything else.

    But when we ask ourselves “what is missing? What has changed” I think these are the kinds of things that are missing.

    I remember just a few years ago when Georgia’s defense was actually feared. That seems to be gone now. Again, I’m not saying we have a bad defense, but we aren’t feared. We aren’t considered a school that plays great defense. That’s a shame.

    Equally disturbing is how rarely we blow anyone out. We have had a lot of nice wins over the last 8 years, but how often does our offense just explode?

    Other great teams seem to have a couple games a year where they just roar out of the tunnel, pile on the points, and don’t stop until the mid 4th quarter when the subs come in.

    Georgia, on the other hand, seems to always keep the other team in range – never more than 2 or 3 scores tops.

    What’s the overall point? There is a certain amount of killer instinct lacking overall. We aren’t shutting teams out. We aren’t even holding them under 10 points. And we aren’t blowing them out either.

    That bothers me.


    • 2007 Georgia

      “With titles in 2002 and 2005, UGA was poised to a truly dominant member of the SEC. Now it seems like UF, LSU, and Alabama are all overshadowing us.”

      Hi there!


    • Georgia 52, LSU 38; the 2005 SEC Championship Game; Georgia 45, LSU 16

      “With titles in 2002 and 2005, UGA was poised to a truly dominant member of the SEC. Now it seems like UF, LSU, and Alabama are all overshadowing us.”

      Ooh, LSU!