Head, meet wall.

No disrespect intended, but what have Georgia’s coaches been doing the last five months?

“Personally I feel like we’ve got to get back to figuring out what we can do,” Bobo said. “I think we had a little too much in the game plan and obviously we didn’t execute it very well. We’ve got to find out what we can do and do it well.”

Now that’s one hell of an admission to make after the regular season game for which you have the most time all year to prepare and evaluate your talent.

Given that, it’s probably best that the Dawgs played a quality opponent in the opener.   I doubt that a 31-7 win over Directional State A & M would have generated the type of soul searching that’s going down in Athens right now.



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  1. Prov

    My first thought Saturday night was that losing that game was the only way to get a win against USC. In a way, I’m glad these problems were exposed in week one. Not that there is any guarantee they will be fixed.


  2. Jordan

    Bobo’s the smartest man in the room.


  3. Spence

    I guess I’m unsure of what problems were exposed that we didn’t know about. Inexperienced quarterback? Crappy kickoff coverage? Penalties on special teams? Lack of play-makers on offense? Lack of pressure from the DE spot?

    Were any of those really surprises?

    I’m as big of a Willie-basher as you’ll find, but he’s the only one that had his group show up Saturday.


  4. Aw, c’mon, we learned about few new things we’re not good at that we didn’t know before: subbing WRs, returning kickoffs from eight yards in the end zone, challenging blatantly bad 4th down spots, etc.

    I’ll grant that Willie’s group showed up, but, man, where are the turnovers?


  5. Dog in Fla

    It could be something as simple as our coaching staff just having a little case of the blues during offseason

    Defying the CDC odds that there is no cure for the summertime blues, we somehow someway still believe that we are on the road to recovery because the crack TV announcing team read Coach Richt’s lips in Stillwater. Our staff has poise and performs better when we are an underdog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtrEN-YKLBM&feature=related


  6. the Coondawg

    I have to agree.
    How the hell can you leave 2 receivers on the sideline and not know about it. I think we call that a “Game Plan” as in “I think we will substitute Brown for Moore after the 2nd series”.
    How the hell can you abandon a “Game Plan” so friggin early in a game?
    CMR needs to get these guys in a room and have a blood letting. This is UNSAT!
    But, as the Senator points out, a proper soul search is in order and we would not have had that if we would have whooped up on a Directional Team.


  7. SCDawg

    We seem to play (and sometimes coach) our worst game of the year offensively against USC. That is a scary prospect after watching all but the first four minutes of Saturday’s game. (See 14, 12, 18, 15, 16, 20, 31, and 13 points over the past 8 seasons).
    Granted USC has had some offensive woes themselves, but I’ve got to think they have a better defense than Ok. State. Worried even more than usual about this one.


  8. Tenn_Dawg

    My confidence in this staff is getting ridiculously low. Mike Bobo has made the most ridiculous statements over the last two days. I wish Mark would tell him to STFU and concentrate on getting a good game plan together that utilizes ALL of our weapons.

    Lord help us if SC has a good return man. Those seven points may be all that is needed to win this game.


  9. a-de

    The coaching staff seems to have an endless supply of baffling comments lately.

    “I think everybody’s got to adapt to the personnel they have and do what your guys can do. I just think it’s the sign of a good coach….” Richt said.

    (re: The OBC from http://www.thestate.com/gogamecocks/football/story/931688.html)

    And via Hale:
    ““I think as we watched the film, not to say we couldn’t have called this or that, possibly, but it always comes down to the execution of the play,” Richt said. “We didn’t call any plays that we didn’t practice. We didn’t call any plays that didn’t have a chance. We just, for one reason or another, didn’t execute as well.” -CMR

    In other words, the scheme (playcalling) was solid…, uh, wtf?


  10. HVL Dawg

    CMR- your performance AFTER a loss needs improvement. We are all looking at you and we need to see strength. Give it to us or we’ll do what we do after every loss- circle the wagons and start shooting each other.

    If there is one thing I could teach CMR to do it is to be better prepared for the bitching fans/press after a loss. The bitching fans/press want a concrete story and CMR needs to provide one or the bitching fans/press won’t let up.

    The press conference after a loss is no time to think out loud. These people in the room aren’t your friends. Give them something to blame and do it forcefully. Blame yourself if you have to then say you’re going to pass some pain around. But blame something that will stick better than “a properly placed hat here or there”. Look like you know what the problem is and that your are busting heads. Fight back.

    Say that our tailback can’t fall down the first time he’s touched. Say that Cox didn’t look like an SEC starting QB. Say that out OL didn’t “man up”. Say that SEC DEs that can’t get to a Big XII QB are unacceptable. Say that losing sucks. Say that coming in second in the SEC East is for LOSERS and that any player or coach that thinks it OK is should get out of town.

    Are you staying with directional kicking? Say so forcefully and say that anyone who criticizes it will watch from section 34F. Don’t be mealy mouthed about it. Fight back.

    Ball/ Bobo forgot to substitute WR’s? Say that, “Only a stupid ass would put a freshman WR in at that situation.” Or say, “I’ll see to it that we won’t fark that up again this year.”

    Look like you are pissed off. Fake it if you have to. I know its not your style, but we, us bitching fans, need it.

    Go Dawgs


    • 69Dawg

      +100 HVL CMR looks like he would like to be somewhere else. Maybe the mission field is calling. He needs to make up his mind and man up or heck take the money and go run a mission. He is too good a person to just twist in the wind and keep us twisting too.


    • D.N. Nation

      If only Richt would emulate the way we are watching a loss after 7 beers. Then we’d be…um…good, I guess.


  11. kevinsauer

    figure out what we do well ???

    running the ball.. that worked really well until he tried to “balance the offense”


  12. dawgfan17

    I completely agree that the coaching needed to be better and I really thought we should have been more stubborn about running the ball. However after rewatching the game the play calling did allow us chances to move the ball and as Richt said, we did not execute. If a few receivers make catches on balls that hit them in the hands, we move the chains. If Cox releases the ball a half second sooner so the ball ends up a step in front of, instead of behind, the receivers then some our our short gains become big ones. If Samuel lifts his feet a little in the hole so he doesn’t get tripped by an outstretched hand. Yes I know that is a lot of ifs but if those things happen we are all celebrating a hard fought win over a top ten (now top five) team. Yes the coaching must get better but just as WM is not suddenly a genius for holding down a good offense, Bobo is not suddenly an idiot for having a subpar performance.