SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week One

I accepted a gracious invitation from Team Speed Kills‘ cocknfire to become a participant in the SEC Power Poll.

The problem early, of course, is that I don’t have much of a data base from which to rank the programs.  Last year’s impressions are going to play a part in my decision making at this point in the season until teams convince me otherwise.

And away we go…

  1. Florida. Okay, it was against Charleston Southern, but I didn’t see anything to make me feel differently about this team.
  2. Alabama. There are some weaknesses, sure.  But as I posted earlier, this team knows what it’s about.  That and the schedule are going to take the Tide a long way this year.
  3. Mississippi. If Snead gets off to a start like that against a decent SEC opponent, things won’t turn out so well.
  4. LSU. It wasn’t an impressive performance against a Pac-10 team that was awful last year, but it wasn’t an easy trip, either.  Kind of a default ranking, but that offense sure needs to get better.
  5. Georgia. Ditto everything I just said about LSU, except that Oklahoma State wasn’t awful last year.
  6. South Carolina. Yech.  That NC State game is what you get when the whole is less than the sum of its parts.  Still, I’ll wait and see.
  7. Auburn. We’ve reached the throw ’em at the dart board portion of the ballot.  I put the Tigers ahead of UT and Arky because they played a tougher opponent.
  8. Tennessee. Yeah, nice results after the dust settled, but it sure got quiet in Neyland after that first turnover, didn’t it?
  9. Arkansas. I’ve got to put them somewhere.  Right now, there’s little to judge the Hogs on.
  10. Kentucky. They beat a MAC team.  Vandy and MSU di’int.
  11. Vanderbilt. A big win over a 1-AA opponent isn’t the stuff that legends are made of.  Let’s see what happens in Death Valley this week.
  12. Mississippi State. It’s a good start.  For Mississippi State.

The conference as a whole turned in an 11-1 mark for the week, but I’d characterize the results as more workmanlike than spectacular, mainly because of the level of much of the opposition.  With that in mind, ‘Bama clearly had the most impressive win of the bunch.

At this early juncture, if you’re putting money down on a Florida-Alabama rematch in the SECCG, you’re not going to get an argument out of me.



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5 responses to “SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week One

  1. Darryl Strawberry

    You gotta put Ark, UT and Auburn ahead of us and SC at this point. Those teams actually showed some offensive identity on Saturday. Sure they played lesser opponents, but at least they had a plan.


  2. Tiderguy

    Being biased yet bearing stats, I think BAMA had the best win of the week and I’m including BYU. Here’s why: 498 total yards of offense (not including special teams) against a fast, Bud Foster defense. USC didn’t hit 498 against San Jose Tech State or whoever. Throw in some HUGE penalties at horrible times (like they’re ever good) and we, had we possessed a lesser defense, could’ve lost. It depends on how this Tech team stands up vs. the season, but right now I’d have to put BAMA as a solid #3 or even #2a. Let’s see how USC deals with crowd noise that isn’t theirs and how Florida does against SEC defenses without their WR’s with experience. As we ALL saw (over and over), it only takes one bad hit to change a season. Good luck to all SEC’ers and Merry Hitmas! Roll Tide Roll!!