Shrubbery or battle cry? It’s still a good idea.

This makes a lot of sense.

Especially when you consider this.



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2 responses to “Shrubbery or battle cry? It’s still a good idea.

  1. Munson's Call

    I am not totally buying into Hinton’s piece. I think the Auburn and LSU (and UGA…and Michigan) losses were all mainly due to turnovers and a young defense in 2007. The game plan may have helped but without the turnovers or what is being called “luck” UF doesn’t lose to Ole Miss last year.


  2. I’ve always wondered why we abandoned the no-huddle after Season One of the Richt regime. I know his reason is that some rules changes made it too difficult to run without incurring penalties, but other programs have still run it with some success. Since the no-huddle was a big part of the Richt offense at FSU, are we missing out on some of his magic?