Holy freaking cow

Rivals is reporting that Joe Cox has shoulder problems and won’t play Saturday night.

If that’s the case, I’m incredibly sad for the kid and floored by the news, to say the least.

Also, if true, when did it first surface?


UPDATE: Here’s a link to a message board post with the details.


UPDATE #2: David Hale is skeptical about the story.


UPDATE #3: On the other hand, ESPN is also reporting that Gray is likely to start Saturday night.


UPDATE #4: Per the AJ-C, Mike Bobo puts the rumor to bed.

“Joe is the starter,” offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said in a text message to the AJC. UGA spokesman Claude Felton said in an e-mail,” Joe will be the starter Saturday.”

That’s good news on two fronts.  First, I’d like for Cox to have the opportunity to get the bad taste out of his mouth from the OSU game.  Second, the idea that Gray wasn’t ready to start ahead of an injured Cox in that game, but would be expected to do so against a stout defense this Saturday didn’t exactly give me the warm and fuzzies.


UPDATE #5: So, what to make of this note from ESPN?

Earlier Thursday, a person close to sophomore quarterback Logan Gray told ESPN’s Joe Schad that Gray was expected to start due to an arm issue that limited Cox’s repetitions this week.



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22 responses to “Holy freaking cow

  1. Section Z alum

    final score:


    • Dog in Fla

      Final score:

      In honor of the seasons that the coaches of Auburn and Mississippi State had last year:


      Rennie ‘I’m ready to fight!’ Curran deployed in wildcat formation gains the yardage needed to set up Blair’s 63 yard game winning field goal on final play of game.


  2. Faulkner

    I don’t have a subscription. Can someone please share the details. Thanks.


  3. Christian

    1. I regret that we couldn’t get more snaps for Logan last week.

    2. Make that “some” snaps last week (I believe he had only one).

    3. I think Logan’s mobility will help this week with Matthews and Norwood.

    4. My fear is that the shoulder injury is not “new” and goes to some of the rumors about dead arm for JC.

    5. I agree in my sadness for JC as he earned his chance to shine but it is time to move forward ASAP.

    As always, Go Dawgs!


  4. Richt-Flair

    Wish Cox well. But yea, how long has this been going on/when did the coaching staff know about it/etc.?

    I haven’t seen anything out of Gray based off of the two spring games to suggest he’s not capable. Both games he moved the ball down the field, and this past GDay I thought he was the best QB. His arm is good enough to get AJ the ball on deep throws. Let’s tailor this offense around hi strength’s and see what he’s got.


  5. Section Z alum

    um, who is backing gray up??


  6. JaxDawg

    Sorry Joe.

    Good I say.

    Hello Logan.

    Goodbye Murray redshirt.

    We should never be in a position of weakness at QB with Richt as HC.

    But we are.


  7. Left to Right

    Now David Hale saying players are denying the story and have told him LG simply took some snaps with the 1st team to get him better prepared and that JC is taking the majority of the snaps with the 1st team.


  8. dean

    This seems suspect to me. There’s been no word of any shoulder problem to Cox prior to the last game or after. At first I thought this is maybe a ploy just to give Ellis Johnson more to prepare for but after reading the previous comment maybe it was a big misunderstanding.




  10. The Realist

    Two words: Not gonna happen.

    This is a misunderstanding and nothing more. Of course, I don’t have experience as a rumormongerer…


  11. David Hale

    Georgia confirmed Cox will start. Just a rumor.


  12. Toom

    From AJC: “Joe is the starter,” offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said in a text message to the AJC. UGA spokesman Claude Felton said in an e-mail,” Joe will be the starter Saturday.”

    There was an Internet report this morning that Logan Gray could start.


  13. NCT

    Why am I checking blogs in the middle of a work day?


  14. Dog in Fla

    A perfect storm of mass mini-confusion results on the early breaking dramatic story of an injury/ailment to a Georgia starting quarterback.

    Thus far this season, that story is supposed to be Georgia’s Friday afternoon news dump one day, not two days, before the game.

    Most thought the announcement of Joe’s ‘injury’ would come later in the season after he had started several games just as it had been with another Joe’s injury several years ago which enabled someone else to start.

    Most observers are recalibrating, examining the scuttlebutt, and putting their smart money on the bet that Joe’s announced ‘injury’, whenever it is announced, will be shoulder related.

    Some go so far as to think the ‘dead arm’ angle will be played to retroactively justify past low velocity throws to make everyone feel better, stay happy and remain content as our season continues to unfold in slow motion.


  15. downsouth

    helluva pic of JB & VD


  16. pup

    Thank god for the humour of dog in Fl. I also live down in turdville and his humour may help the sinking I feel like I am on. Keep up the good work.GATA