Mandel: Kids, don’t be an Irish hata.

Leave it to Stewart Mandel to devote a big chunk of his weekly mailbag to putting things in perspective about poor ol’ misunderstood Notre Dame.  We’re all just a bunch of envious, jealous rubes – except for Stew’s buddies from Montana, I suppose.

Seriously, how do you write a credible piece on the subject (1) without mentioning Notre Dame’s unique BCS guarantee (Mandel obliquely refers to how “the BCS treats Notre Dame as a conference unto itself” without any specifics); (2) referring to the school’s “(perceived) arrogance” without delving into the high-handed way it’s handled scheduling lately; (3) and not discuss the pass the school has received in poll voting until very recently (due to how badly Weis’ previous two teams played)?

You can’t, of course.

But the topper is this awesome non sequitur:

And in light of the hubbub about the Irish’s preferential bowl treatment, it’s incredible to think that for more than four decades (1925-68), the school did not allow the team to play in bowl games, period.

I’m too befuddled about the point he’s trying to make there to be disgruntled.  Hey, maybe that’s progress!



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2 responses to “Mandel: Kids, don’t be an Irish hata.

  1. Frank M. Davis, Jr.

    Mandel failed college level logic, was kicked off the debate team and passed Journalism 101 by no effort of his own, methinks.


  2. Terence Moore

    I take offence to that.