More tales from the recession: “It went over like gangbusters”

The City of Memphis, in serious need of revenue, elected to allow beer sales at the Liberty Bowl during Memphis’ (the school) home games.  How’d that work out in the first week?

Pretty damned well.

Beer sales totaled $114,576 after Sunday’s opener, meeting 40% of the revenue goal the city had hoped to take in for the season to pay for recent stadium improvements.  [Emphasis added.] “We’re tickled pink,” said Memphis Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery.

40% of what they were hoping for from six games?  Yeah, I’d say that’s alright.  And as for all the clucking about alcohol sales,  check out the double standards listed in the article:

… The NCAA does allow alcohol advertising on televised championships but limits it to 60 seconds an hour.

Amid concerns about binge and underage drinking, most colleges have continued their long-standing relationship with alcohol. Alcohol is available at many stadiums in club suites and most schools have some form of beer advertising.

Of the 50 schools marketing company Learfield Sports represents “30% allow (beer) advertising on the venues and 90% allow it on the broadcast (radio, TV),” Learfield president Greg Brown said. That revenue is substantial. Wisconsin recently decided to end beer advertising agreements and “more than a half of million dollars was left on the table and that’s just for radio,” Brown said.

Of the more than 50 schools marketing company ISP represents, half to three-quarter of those schools have some form of radio or “limited print” advertising that involves alcoholic beverges, according to spokesman John Justus.

Expect more beer to be poured, folks.  They need the money.



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  1. Hobnail_Boot

    Drunk and wearing these?

    Sounds like a winning recipe to me.


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