“no swine flu is catching me…”

In case there’s any doubt, I heart Rennie Curran.

Q: With Georgia 0-1 for the first time in 13 years, how big is this week’s game?

A: Definitely, it’s going to be a huge game for our reputation at Georgia. … A huge game, just as if we were playing in the SEC Championship Game. I’m ready to fight.

If attitude is as contagious as the flu is, Georgia should be in great shape Saturday night.



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2 responses to ““no swine flu is catching me…”

  1. do not resuscitate

    Rennie is quickly becoming one of my favorite dogs of all time. The kid just plays hard every time he’s on the field, and has a heart the size of a watermelon.

    Love that quote, “I’m ready to fight.” Sure hope the rest of the team feels the same way.