And you think you felt bad watching last week’s game…

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13 responses to “And you think you felt bad watching last week’s game…

  1. Joe B.

    Hmmm, I had no idea Davidson has a football program.

    Is that new?


  2. Left to Right

    If my kid cried over a football game he wasn’t playing in, I would take it as a sign that something was seriously out of whack in his life.


    • Hobnail_Boot

      If you never have, then I take it as a sign that something is seriously out of whack in your life.

      Auburn 2005 comes to mind.


      • Bobafet7

        I did at the end of Auburn 2002, but those were the good ones.
        btw that guy is crushing his Marlboros(insert Alabama joke)


  3. The Revenge of Greg Talley

    Old pic from a few years ago with the BYU score photo-shopped in. I think the original was from an OU-Texas game.


  4. Brandon

    These Big XII Kids always cry, I remember a photo a few years ago of a Nebraska kid crying when Colorado destroyed Nebraska and Eric Crouch in the last game of the season in Boulder. Fortunately, for the kid Nebraska made the BCS Championship game anyway (without winning their conference, oh the horror!!!), unfortunately for the Nebraska kid upon reaching the BCS title game, Nebraska promptly got destroyed by Miami.


    • Kirk Herbstreit

      Impossible. Teams that don’t win their conference can’t play in the BCS Championship Game.

      Oh, wait, you weren’t talking about Georgia. Nevermind.


  5. Russ

    When did Chris Fowler (or “CF” as “EA” calls him) go to tech? I thought he was going to run down to the field and give PJ a BJ.

    Sure did hate to see the yellow maggots pull that one out last night. I was enjoying their self destruction.


  6. BigOldDawg

    OMG!!!!!….oh, I thought that was me during the loss to Ole Miss in 76…I was not playing…does this explain what has been “seriously wrong” with my life all these years?

    (Note from wife: Not Even)

    I guess I am just weird, but is there not something sublime about a spread option pitch to the tailback.

    Paul Johnson makes Nick Saban look like father Xmas.


  7. I really hate to bring this up, JCCW Jerry being a friend of the blog and all, but my experience with crying losers of cfb games has been virtually limited to those oh so passionate Auburn fans. Great source of amusement during my formative years. And did anyone else know the LA Times carried ads for weed stores?