Friday lunch buffet

Pretend it’s one of those Indian ones where you get curried out for less than six bucks.

  • Eye black stories are all the rage in the wake of Terrell Pryor’s “VICK” face message.  Pete Carroll has his players monitored.  But you know the most important question here is always what would the GPOOE™ do?
  • Speaking of the GPOOE™, Uncle Verne is worried about “Tebow backlash”, which is kind of funny since he’s one of the folks who contributes to it.
  • Mark Richt was “sickened by the OSU game.  Well, kinda, sorta, anyway.  I don’t think he meant from the flu, either.
  • And Gary Danielson goes back to that “Tebow was nicked up” excuse for the ’07 Georgia game.  It’s a shame, because we all know the GPOOE™ would have been much better at safety if he’d have been 100%.
  • Is the ice starting to crack a little under Al Groh’s feet?
  • Coaches stealing from coaches.


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5 responses to “Friday lunch buffet

  1. D.J. Shockley

    Florida fans said my absence didn’t affect the outcome of the 2005 WLOCP. I’m afraid that reasoning works both ways, Gators.

    Additionally, I didn’t even [i]play[/i]. Tebow played. Not on defense, which was the big loser in that game.


  2. RedCrake

    So Florida lost to Georgia in 2007 because Tebow was nicked…and that’s something that could happen again. Could the things that caused the other three Gator losses that year be an issue or was that not the issue in the Georgia game?

    Gary Danielson is an asshat.


  3. a-de

    Speaking of the GPOOE and all, anyone catch this fine piece of journalism?

    teaser: “We are watching arguably the greatest player in the 140-year history of the game quarterbacking his final season.”

    (via red, black, and three sheets to the wind)


  4. Pumpdawg

    If I remember correctly,They didn’t say Tebow was
    nicked until after that game.And of course they said they weren’t using that as an excuse.