You’re Ellis Johnson and you know that Joe Cox is operating at less than 100%.  Is there any way you’re not going to sell out to stuff the run until Cox shows you he’s a valid threat?  Eight in the box, maybe even nine, right?

You’re Mike Bobo.  You know that he knows.  So you’ve got to do something to keep Johnson honest.  Doesn’t that mean you’ve got to ditch the I and go with four receiver sets to back the safety out and give Samuel some room to run (not to mention give AJ single coverage to work against)?  Or go to the wildcat to even up the blocking numbers?


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8 responses to “Strategerizing

  1. David

    Nah. Why take personnel or game strategy into account (see 2007 UT game). Just stubbornly do what you think will work. If it works, stop immediately. If it doesn’t, keep doing it until it does, despite all logic and reason. Or you can always just put all the plays on scraps of paper and draw them out of a fishbowl for the whole game … I think we may have used that strategy last week.

    BTW – we’ve known since spring that Joe’s arm is damaged, weak, whatever and we don’t have any of our 3 other QBs with enough reps to step in? Is the objective of the team to win games or something else?

    I can’t wait for the annual frustration-inducing kickoff tonight with South Carolina.


  2. pup

    No , do not do what might work. Make excuses , refs, injuries, execution, wrong players, rebuilding, young players, blaaaaaaaaaaaa blaaaaaa!!!!!!


  3. Turd Ferguson

    I really hope that, between last Saturday and now, Richard Samuel has learned how to break some of those shoe-string tackles … and maybe even a few gust-of-wind tackles.

    I’d also like to see more of Branden Smith.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    You guys are all like Moriarity in Kelly’s Heroes. Always with them negative waves.

    Have a little faith baby!


  5. pup

    6 and 4 last 10!!! I hope as much as you do we are7 and4 last 11. GATA!!!!


  6. shane#1

    The only way to back a team off their run defense is with the pass. Joe must show the ability to hit open recievers no matter if the team is in the I or in some kind of spread. The old way to defend the shotgun is with the blitx and Joe isn’t very mobile and didn’t pick up the blitz very well last week. So if I am running the spread I am using Gray so that I can roll him out to threaten the corners and use the QB lead draw play that was so effective for Tech in the fourth quarter against Clemson. If South Carolina comes with the eight or nine man line AJ should be one on one anyway, Cox just has to get him the ball, and in the power I he will have two backs to help with the blocking. UGA is in a very difficult posistion. They are not a spread team and have not recruited to run the spread. Also, UGA has only seven scholarship wrs and two of them are true freshmen. Spring practice would have been a difficult time to install a new offense since most of the RBs and half the O line missed spring practice due to injury. Fall practice would not have been a good time either. Three weeks is not enough time to install a new offense and the Dogs have two highly touted freshman QBs that are still trying to learn the very complicated pro-style offense. Quite frankly, you don’t throw out a system that has brought great success for one season of football. Arron Murray is a very talented young player, but he has never taken a snap from under center in a game. Do you write the season off, ala 2006, and give Murray some playing time, or cross your fingers and hope Cox can get it done? I am resigned to crossing my fingers and hoping.


  7. drunk dawg

    Seems with the pre-emptive excuses already being thrown out that Cox will have one more game even if he stinks up the place.