This was the week that wasn’t.

You know, I was listening to yesterday’s ESPNU Podcast and came away with the impression that this weekend was chock full of games that would let us start taking the measure of a lot of D-1 teams – boy, have they been pumping Notre Dame at Michigan this week.

Then I took a look at today’s actual schedule.  I’m a little underwhelmed, to say the least.  If you stretch the concept to cover games like UCF at Southern Miss (and I do), there are maybe ten games that fit the bill.  Maybe.

Of course, I could be missing what Troy will tell us about the Gators.  You never know.


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5 responses to “This was the week that wasn’t.

  1. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Unless it’s bringing you a W…


  2. I am afraid the ND vs. Michigan game will turn out to be a ‘great game’ but not tell us anything about the actual qualities of the teams, much like FSU-Miami the other night.

    I think Troy will tell us that Florida is still the greatest team ever, this year.


  3. Turd Ferguson

    All I ever ask for there to be a single interesting game in each of the three time-slots. I’m home alone this weekend, so, ideally, the only reasons I leave this couch today are (1) meat on grill, (2) meat off of grill, (3) bathroom break.


  4. Eh, I think it’s a passable slate. OSU-USC and M-ND are worthy non-SEC headliners, I think the SEC has a couple of games (UCLA-UT and LSU-Vandy) that will be better watching for neutrals than widely expected, and the stakes are much higher for SC-UGa than usual. Then there’s Houston-Okie St., Iowa-ISU, UNC-UConn, Purdue (who looks a lot better after Toledo buried Colorado) tries to send Oregon into the abyss, Air Force ruining Minnesota’s stadium grand opening … I dunno, I feel like I’ve seen worse.


  5. ArchDawg

    You have weak slates every once in a while, yes, but any college football weekend Saturday is a good Saturday to me.