One line in this weekend’s many box scores I was cheered to see was that of Southern Mississippi’s DeAndre Brown, who caught seven balls for seventy five yards in the Golden Eagles’ win over Central Florida.

Brown, you may remember, suffered a brutal leg injury that put him out last season.

Way to go, young man.  You give this Dawg fan hope after seeing two Georgia starters lost for the season with knee injuries.



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3 responses to “Comeback

  1. Joe B.

    I was worried about this kid being another Prothro, glad to see that he is back out there.

    The recruiting services certainly were right on 2 years ago with the WR’s.

    AJ Green, Julio Jones, DeAndre Brown and Michael Floyd look like first rounders in the 2011 draft.


  2. Frank M. Davis, Jr.

    I think it is high time to rename the file heading, Senator. A more inclusive title for all of God’s chilluns.

    “The Body is a Temple or a Rib-shack”


  3. Good for the kid. I remember seeing that and having visions of Tyrone Protho dancing through my head as mentioned above.