This will not stand, ya know…

Yes, it’s an absurdly small sample size, but it should be noted that Georgia currently ranks 114th nationally in turnover margin (at a whopping -2.5 per game pace), 109th in total penalties and 108th in penalty yardage.

The good news is, despite that, the Dawgs are 1-1 against two credible D-1 opponents.  The bad news is that, schedule wise, there’s lots more where that came from.

On the bright side, as Marc Weiszer points out, we Dawg fans are getting our money’s worth:  Georgia boasts the second longest average length of game in the country, at 3:38.  The average is three hours, nine minutes.



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  1. D.N. Nation

    -5 TO through 2 games. Per Bubba and Earl, Miami (OH) is -5 too, having been outscored overall 90-0 in two losses.

    Get that issue under control, and we could be pretty good. Don’t, and well…rather not think about it.


  2. Hell, a couple more flying interceptions by Boykin, and we’ll be in ok space, TO wise. That was a hell of a pick. We had plenty of people in the right places week one for 3 picks, too, they just didn’t get them. Maybe we’re seeing that turn around?


    • RedCrake

      The six teams that played an SEC slate this past weekend (UGA, SC, LSU, AU, MSST, and Vandy) are near the bottom in most of those categories.

      Furthermore, UGA and LSU are the only two who have played BCS competition both weeks and are concentrated near the bottom in most if not all. Also, I would argue that Ok. St./SCAR is significantly tougher than Washington/Vandy.

      Those stats after two weeks (of varying difficulty for the teams involved) doesn’t do much to worry me.

      That’s not to say I don’t have cause to worry, just that stats amassed against lower tier non-AQ and 1-AA teams probably aren’t the best predictors.

      Several of the SEC schools in that list have numbers based off a single game against very low levels of competition (UK, Ark, Ole Miss).

      At the end of the year (or even after week 4), if Kentucky leads the SEC in scoring defense with UGA pulling up the rear, I’ll be on the fire Willie bandwagon with everyone else.


      • Joe B.

        No doubt about your points, it is just bewildering to see UGA 12th in all but one of the major team statistical categories except one, in which they are 11th.

        Sort of amazing that we are 1-1 if you just look at the stats.


  3. aristoggle

    “Georgia boasts the second longest average length of game in the country, at 3:38.”

    This helps explain my empty bottle and pounding head on Sunday morning.


  4. JasonC

    As I was reading David Hale’s latest post, it included the Dog’s ranking in penalties. For all the frustration over coaching and personnel decisions, I think if we reduce the penalties by 2/3rd and cut out the turnovers, this is a much stronger team. The problem is we are inconsistent and hurt ourselves even more with “the stupids” (turnovers, untimely penalties).