Just another day at the office

Here’s a nice video of Rennie Curran’s last minute heroics against South Carolina.

And here’s Boykin’s good work on the night:


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6 responses to “Just another day at the office

  1. Dog in Fla

    The above are great! Now to complete the trifecta to the finish line:


  2. HamDawg11

    I wasn’t there, but that first one made me feel like I was! Chillbumps, man, chillbumps!!

    Can’t wait ’til Sat night!

    Go Dawgs!!!


  3. kcits

    Looks to me Richt might have gotten it right this time.
    “That’s part of the reason Fabris has relied so heavily on walk-ons in years past, but this season, Richt sees numerous benefits to getting scholarship players — and more specifically, his youngest scholarship players — a taste of the action on special teams. . . . Fabris, like many of Georgia’s assistants, can lose patience with an inexperienced freshman who makes a few too many mistakes in the early going, but Richt said he has asked all of his coaches not to write off the new recruits too quickly.”


  4. mike

    Smith may be the fastest Som’Bitch I’ve ever seen.


  5. It’s almost hilarious how fast Branden Smith looked on that reverse.