The hidden game

Matt Hinton, aka Doc Saturday, didn’t watch the Georgia-South Carolina game, so I can understand why he draws the conclusion he does looking at some of the key stats:

… How on earth did South Carolina lose this game?

The Gamecocks outgained Georgia by more than 100 yards; finished with a plus-two turnover margin; turned all three of those turnovers into points, one directly on an interception return, and had more “cheap” points overall; scored on a safety; and had slightly better starting field position. Losing with that many diverse advantages is absurd.

Even so, his stats direct you to the real reason, which the Doc gets to in the following paragraph – Georgia was far more efficient in its scoring than were the ‘Cocks.  All but nine of Georgia’s total yards resulted in points, while South Carolina left well over 100 yards of offense on the table.

One other thing:  take out the turnovers on both sides and Georgia’s looking at a comfortable 13-point victory margin.  Of course, it wouldn’t have been as entertaining to watch, would it?

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  1. HackerDog

    It also ignores the defensive scheme. Bend and don’t break and put USC’s hopes in Garcia’s hands. If we played 10 games where Garcia has to throw 50 times, I think we win 9 of them.

    I won’t argue that Martinez always schemes correctly, but I don’t have any issues with Saturday.