This explains a lot.

Mark Richt had this to say about the internets at his teleconference today:

“If you want to get online and start reading that stuff you can really mess yourself up, I think.”

Maybe he’s got us sussed.


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3 responses to “This explains a lot.

  1. Frank M. Davis, Jr.

    Not to worry, Senator. Mark told me he only reads David “Give-Em-Facts-and-My-Insight” Hale.


  2. amodestgain

    After the outlandish Joe Cox rumors, I’m not surprised he said that. People hear crazy stuff and run with it on blogs. Glad that doesn’t happen here Senator.


  3. BigOldDawg

    Dear coaches Richt, Bobo, Martinez, et al,

    I have decided to retire from coaching.

    I guess its all up to you now.

    But you do have my cell.