Wednesday morning buffet

Sorry, no more links to Layla Kiffin in a sundress.  You’ll have to settle for more football-related stuff.

  • Tony Barnhart says Joe Cox is ‘da man.
  • Speaking of Joe, it’s fair to point out that for his career he’s thrown more TD passes against South Carolina than Matt Stafford did.
  • More proof that Georgia Tech lies and cheats.
  • I get the feeling that the loss in Stillwater is going to look worse and worse for Georgia as the season goes along.  (h/t The Wiz of Odds)
  • Feel the love for Jonathan Crompton “I can understand why Kiffin would stand by Crompton. If not for Crompton he wouldn’t have this job.”
  • This is some story about Pahokee, Florida.  If you’ve ever been to Palm Beach County, the disparity between Palm Beach and the western part of the county is stunning.  (h/t The Wiz of Odds)
  • Good stuff on Blair Walsh, who is the only D-1 kicker to boot two field goals of 50 or more yards so far this season.  (By the way, if Chris Culliver’s 57-yard kickoff return was due to the trajectory of Walsh’s kick, why was Fabris giving Akeem Dent an “extended talking-to” after the play?)
  • Another reason to do away with early season rankings:  even the computers don’t have enough data to make sense.
  • Yeah, the humiliation factor will make for some compelling TV, but the real reason I’ll be watching the Florida-Tennessee game is to see if Monte Kiffin is able to come up with some ways to slow down the Gator offense – with or without the help of James Brown.


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8 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Section Z alum

    quoth tony b:
    “When Cox didn’t get on that team plane, the chat rooms and message boards went absolutely nuts.”

    time to update the ol’ innernets references. it’s a series of tubes!


  2. Munson's Call

    I was wondering about Tech’s fake field goal play. I remember when they made that rule in high school during the mid ’80’s. We had to quit running plays where we used to run a receiver in motion all the off the field. I was surprised Tech wasn’t flagged for using the tactic they employed.


  3. kckd

    Barnhart is gonna wind up in that category of sportswriters who don’t know what they’re talking about. Does he really believe Cox only threw one bad pass all night?


  4. HVL Dawg

    Barnhardt article: “I’ve got to write a story and I’ve got nothing to say”.


  5. Will Q

    Re: the 57-yard kickoff return. Even if the problem was trajectory rather than losing containment (which is actually what happened), I would rather see one long return and a bunch of short ones like the SC game than see practically every kickoff returned past our 30 yard line like last season.


    • I agree Will Q. I’ll only add that I’d also like to see the kickers get some pats on the back through the media instead of getting blamed for a faulty directional system.

      I looked crotchety up in Webster’s and Fabris glared at me.


  6. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Lane (GWOL) Crisis of the Day (COD) Piece, (Full Monte version) 16 September 2009

    Bunker, Green Zone, Knoxville:

    Department of Fatherland Security daily briefing, 1100 hours:

    Layla Two is please to see that Monte has returned from being over the fence as she reported to Lane at yesterday’s briefing. Some thought Monte had gone MIA/AWOL for the eleventhieth time but Monte had merely skipped yesterday to find some old film. Monte tells the assistant coach troopers that he has returned and that he will bail them out v. the machine that is Urban and Tebow.

    Layla Two hands Monte the daily intel report part of which refers to the usual worst pain in the ass enemy correspondent mocking Monte “to see if Monte Kiffin is able to come up with some ways to slow down the Gator offense – with or without the help of James Brown.”

    First, Monte is personally highly offended that The Senator gleaned info from the Chattanooga Daily Planet as to how Monte gets his defense fired up and ready to go with JB’s “I Feel Good”. Now that that’s out of the bag, Monte tells Lane to set up the projector in the bunker because Monte is going to show the assistant coach troopers how the defensive secondary how to use their feet:

    Monte bets them that only Eric Berry, EB, can get JB’s moves down on first try. Lane raises hand, is called on by Monte, and says, “Dad, what good are Night Moves for a 3:30 day game?” Monte tells Lane that the moves are not for exclusive use during dark and can be used for an afternoon game if anyone can figure out how to do the footwork.

    Lane stands and cheers as do all the other assistants. Monte tells them to be quiet, sit down and listen up and shows them film on tactics for the Florida game and reminds them to always look on the bright side of life just as James Brown did, or maybe that was Little Richard:

    After the conclusion of the tactics film, the assistant coach troopers resubmit their leave requests which of course Monte denies.