A little touch of smack

Don’t you like it when a player on a team coming off a losing season does a little patronizing?  Meet Arkansas cornerback Ramon Broadway.

“I’ve been playing for the last season, so A.J., he’s going to be a good guy. But they’ve got to do a little bit more (than) the last two weeks to beat us.”

How much more?  Five percent?  Maybe ten?  Would fifteen be overkill?

Again, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if Georgia lost tomorrow, but I’m intrigued by the level of confidence/lack of respect here.  Are the Hogs really that much improved over last year?  Or is Georgia perceived to have fallen down that much?


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27 responses to “A little touch of smack

  1. Dog in Fla

    “Meet Arkansas cornerback Ramon Broadway.”

    A.J. gives his regards to Broadway…

    Afterward Ramon wants to be sedated…

  2. bill

    well if we win my only response will be “shouldntve been talkin shit”

  3. RedCrake

    I do love good smack talk….about 95% of the time it doesn’t pay off and just becomes something for the announcers to poke fun at.

    I have a distinct feeling that Ramon’s name will be coming off the lips of Todd Blackledge pretty frequently.

    Forget the disrespect for Georgia….how about the disrespect for AJ? As I recall, AJ doesn’t take being disrespected well.

    That’s why everyone should keep their mouth shut before the game. Fantastic job Ramon.

  4. Frank

    Smack has a tendency to bite you in the ass. Or elsewhere.

  5. I love this line:

    Green will be a big challenge for Arkansas’ secondary, but Robinson said he isn’t a one-man show. The Bulldogs have even more talent at receiver in Michael Moore Tavares King.

    They’re the same guy! Who knew?

  6. The G-Man

    Hmm, arkansasrazorbacks.com has this kid listed at 5’9″/191.

    Anyone think AJ can beat this guy on a fade?

  7. texan_dawg

    God…I so hope someone gives this clipping to AJ. Broadway is going to get his ass burned up and down that field tomorrow. Irregardless of these comments, I’m going to call a 100 yard game for Mr. Green.

  8. Wes

    The line on this game has crept to +2 for the dawgs. I don’t know, seems like free money to me. Especially if 5’9” cornerbacks fresh off Missouri State are feeling cocky about covering the best wide receiver in the SEC.

  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Maybe players at Arkansas understand what a “trap game” is. I thought that the UGA Athletic Director was the only guy stupid enough to put his team behind the 8-ball by scheduling a game at the other team’s place after 2 difficult games when the home team has the previous week off, the exact situation the Dawgs are facing. That is a good way to get beat by inferior talent which the Arkie guys seem to think will happen. But an even more stupid AD has his office on North Avenue. That guy scheduled the Jackets to play 3 games in 12 days with the last one being at Miami and Miami had 10 days to get ready. The Jackets were dragging before the end of the 1st quarter and Miami ran them out of the stadium even though Miami probably isn’t as good as Tech. Let’s hope the Dawgs don’t end up the same way.

  10. Big Country

    If I remember that chump Akeem Auguste was talking some bargain bin smack to AJ and then got torched all night long. AJ > Haters

  11. RedCrake


    Damon doesn’t set the date and location of conference games…

    The SEC does. Same with the ACC and Tech.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      That is a correct statement–literally. The AD sets the non-conference schedule, though. When the Tech AD set up a game on September 5 knowing his team was playing Clemson on September 10 and traveling to Miami for a road game September 17 and also knowing that Miami would open up with FSU on September 7 and would not be playing a game between the FSU game and the Tech game, he set up his team for failure. 3 games in 12 days against a well rested opponent just ain’t right. Hey, this is not rocket science but it does require some brains. Evans (whom you affectionately refer to “Damon”–you guys best friends?) made a different blunder by not forcing Okie State to take the neutral site offer from the new Dallas Cowboy stadium and subjected the Dawgs to OSU’s homer refs resulting in a UGA loss on national TV. But its not his fault– he’s only the AD– the guy who set it up. One more thing– if you think some ADs are not more influential than others how do you think Florida got it arranged for all those years to get the week before the GA-FLA game off when we had to play a game? That’s what caused their win streak over the Dawgs in the first place. Spurrier even bragged about how they outsmarted us by doing that.

      • Mayor… Your argument can be applied all over the place. “The AD at Fresno State screwed Pat Hill’s team by sending them to Wisconsin and then agreeing to play Boise State 5 days later.”

        I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but scheduling is a puzzle that doesn’t get solved in one fell swoop. Components of the schedule are completed at different times. Usually, the OOC scheduling against any BCS conference will be put together several years in advance and sometimes ahead of the release of the SEC schedule. Do you advocate only scheduling home games OOC with the exception of GT every other year?

  12. RedCrake

    How exactly should he have gone about forcing them? We had an existing contract set up years ago…when OSU wasn’t very good and Zac Robinson wasn’t even a glimmer in Gundy’s eye.

    What would you have us or Tech do? Back out of the contract? Have a bye the first week?

    And yes, Damon and I are BFF’s. I sat next to him and his family at the Athens IHOP last year. We exchanged pleasantries. True story.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      That’s what I thought. You have some reason other than his performance for protecting him. Yes, he should have backed out of the game if they wouldn’t move it to Arlington. OSU normally has a gate of $2.5 Million at its stadium. They were offered $8.5 Million to move the game to the new Dallas Cowboy stadium. It cost them $6 Million to keep the game in Stillwater. UGA probably could have gotten some extra $ for playing there, too.Why would Okie State not want to do that? It’s obvious–the Dawgs were going to get homecooked. And look what happened. Every time Okie State needed help the refs gave it to them. Even the TV announcers were talking about how bad the calls were. It is the job of the AD to not allow his team to be put in that position. Stuff like that never happens to Florida or Alabama because their athletic departments are run by people who know what they are doing. If the AD isn’t responsible for scheduling foul-ups, who is? God? The President of the United States? I have no doubt that Damon Evans is a nice guy. I just don’t think you should be giving him a pass for a major mistake just because he smiled at you at breakfast.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        One last thing. We could have easily filled the OSU slot with another team coming to Athens for about $500K. There are plenty of teams that did not start the season this year until September 12 and do not have 12 games on their schedules.

      • RedCrake

        First of all, if you actually thought that’s why I was defending him, I don’t know what to tell you — I was being facetious.

        Second of all, the AD is responsible for scheduling foul-ups. I just don’t believe that the OSU game was a scheduling foul-up.

        When Evans (since my referring to a fellow alumnus by his proper name offends your delicate sensibilities) scheduled Ok. St. in November 2006, they were coming off a 4-7 (1-7 Big 12) year in 2005 and finished 2006 7-6 (3-5 Big 12). That’s about as middle of the pack as it gets and looked very manageable.

        During the interim, they have improved as a program. Similarly, what looked like a tough series with Louisville when it was scheduled looks much more manageable now.

        Ok. St. held up their end of the bargain by playing at our place in 2007 and we held up ours by playing there this year. If we’d won the game, it would have vaulted us into the Top 10. It’s a risk/reward scenario.

        Personally, I like having people in leadership positions who honor their commitments. Maybe it’s just me.

        Also, I’d like to point out that in 2006, 2007, and 2008 when another suitable opponent might have been found to replace Ok. St. if we had dropped them like you suggest, Evans had no idea that Stafford and Moreno would be gone.

        The fact of the matter is that advance scheduling is not an exact science.

        If you think you can do better, I suggest you pursue a degree in line with the qualifications required for the position and perhaps one day I can exchange pleasantries with you at a local breakfast establishment.

        P.S. Don’t worry, next year we will start out the year at home against Louisiana – Monroe.

        • RedCrake

          Oh, one more point while I’m thinking about it. The AD is tasked with building and maintaining the perception of an athletic program — that’s how you get donors and how you get recruits.

          Trust me, if we had pulled out of a game with an improved pre-season Top 10 BCS conference opponent, it would have hurt the perception of the program far more than the loss in Stillwater.

          It would have hurt us with donors and in recruiting — and we would have heard on it ad-nauseum throughout the summer on ESPN.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            If somebody has a gun pointed at you , you do not have to just stand there and let him shoot you. On the other hand, if you are so stupid as to not recognize the danger I guess you deserve to get shot.

            • RedCrake

              Alright….we get it…. you hate Damon Evans.

              Like I said, we start out with Louisiana-Monroe next year so I expect you to be here extolling his many virtues at that point.

              I’m sure if we start with a FCS or Non-BCS team to start the season everything will be sunshine and lollipops — like last year…oh wait.

              By the way, what are some of those teams that aren’t even playing a twelve game schedule that you mentioned? I couldn’t seem to find them and if the Dawgs are going to refuse to puss out and pull out of a game because it might be a challenge, maybe I should go root for one of them.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                Look. You make a lot of good points. I guess I am upset because the Dawgs got so obviously jobbed in the Okie State game and nobody seems too interested in why. There were guy writing on this blog that Mark Richt (one of the 3-4 best head football coaches in America) should be fired. And now, only 2 weeks later, we find the Dawgs in another situation where the cards are stacked against them. I doesn’t seem that sort of thing happens to other top level teams in the SEC. Like it or not scheduling matters. Anyone who doesn’t think so is ignoring reality. If the AD isn’t responsible for the schedule who is? I don’t know Damon Evans at all. It just does not seem to me that he is doing a very good job. If you were in charge of something at work and you made a mistake (maybe hard to forsee but if you were diligent you would have seen it) and you employer got publicly embarrassed by it, what do you think would happen to you? People are saying fire Richt and he’s not the guy who caused this. I’m just saying hold Damon Evans to the same standard that each of us are being held to. P.S. I make no further comment about the Tech AD because I WANT him to screw up.

                • RedCrake

                  I agree with most everything you just said. We shouldn’t even be talking about firing Richt. But Georgia had every opportunity to win that game. Sure there were some bad calls. But there were much more substantial problems related to play calling.

                  I guess my point is that Damon Evans scheduling Ok. St. at the time made plenty of sense. Pulling out of the game (for whatever reason) would have been even more embarrassing for the University because it would have been perceived by the public and the media as being scared to play Oklahoma St.

                  Evans’ philosophy about playing strong out of conference opponents has its pros (potential recruiting in roads on the west coast — Oregon/Colorado and increased national exposure) and cons (the occasional loss).

                  While I certainly respect your points and opinions on why scheduling such a game against Oklahoma State was a bad idea, I am afraid we are just going to have to agree to disagree on the relative value of doing so.

                  Nonetheless, I don’t think its worth calling for Evans’ head as he has been well ahead of the curve as an AD in many areas of the athletic program (the majority of which is non-football-centric).

                  However, I understand your frustration.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    Thank you for your comments. I am afraid we are going back to the type of scheduling errors that occurred during the Goff era (when Vince was AD) that contributed to the decline of the program. Several years during that period the Dawgs had to play difficult opponents right off the bat and lost, causing a loss of interest in the season and a decline in recruiting. One of the worst examples of poor scheduling affecting the outcome of games is the the year (’95 I think) when UGA played Alabama, Florida and Auburn on 3 successive weekends with each opponent having the week off before the game. Georgia lost all 3 games. Vince learned from that and never allowed mistakes like that to happen again on his watch. Now it looks like we’re going back to stuff like that. Look at the future schedules. There are “trap games” all over them. I’m not saying don’t get pissed off. I’m saying get pissed off at the right guy.

  13. Ramon Broadway, “I played ALL last season and we only lost 7 games, bitch!”