Movin’ on up

There isn’t much I can add to this story, except for a sincere offer on my part to help Adams pack if he gets the position.

Ironically, if he does succeed Brand, he’ll arguably be in a weaker position to influence the BCS/playoffs debate than he is in his current post.

Not that that’ll stop him from trying, I suppose.



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19 responses to “Movin’ on up

  1. fisheriesdawg

    Does Adams really care about the BCS/playoff debate? That whole thing struck me as simply pandering to a frustrated UGA fanbase to try to win some of them back.


  2. 69Dawg

    Mike don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out.

    That said if we get Sonny P. UGA is doomed academically. Sonny comes off dumb as a rock, but maybe he will help the AD with the schedule since he understands that as the FB team goes so goes the contributions.


  3. Section Z alum

    only problem is he’ll throw himself a $200k going-away party using university funds. and he probably has negotiated a double-secret contract with himself.

    but it is still worth it….


  4. Frank M. Davis, Jr.

    Deus ex machina?

    Liberame domine de morte in dei illa tremenda. And, Adams, too.


    • aristoggle

      Man … never know when this site’s gonna take an erudite turn. You draw an interesting crowd, Senator.

      Free the souls, indeed!


  5. Frank

    Dear Friends:

    The mere thought of Sonny as President makes my gastro problems worse.

    I was in school at UGA with Sonny. He was dumb as a rock then. Things have not changed. Still rock-like.

    He’s incapable of even a morph to lava.


    • Left to Right

      I think Sonny knows he’s not the brightest bulb on the tree and therefore tends to “play within himself” and not do too much. UGA may suffer from neglect under Sonny, but not from Adams-style reforms.

      Mikey’s problem is that while he is somewhat intelligent, he’s only about 10% as smart as he thinks he is-and that tends to get him in trouble.


  6. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    The students and alums trash the campus 6 days a year. Adams leaving would help clean the trash from North Campus the other 359 days!


  7. Frank

    Addendum: I give credit to Adams for one thing: Mark Richt. Then he thought he had set a precedent of making great choices and decisions. Mistake.


  8. HamDawg11

    Probably should credit Dooley for bringing Richt to Athens.


  9. Frank

    Damn. Thank you, Senator. I just damn forgot about that little detail. Senior moment.


  10. BigOldDawg

    I would love to know what Dooley thinks about Adams running the NCAA.

    Frankly I find the idea a little worrisome…an ego like his could do real damage.


  11. bunch

    Regarding a possible UGA Prez vacancy, keep in mind that Perdue is even more of a teetotaler than is Adams. First Guv in 30 years to ban alcohol from the Gov’s Mansion and he singlehandedly kept the Sunday sales referendum from going to the voters. Hayseed probably thinks he’s entitled to the post. Would be an embarasment.


  12. Ole Sonny may not be the smartest guy in the room but he sure has developed other strong traits. He’s clever as a Hong Kong pickpocket, greedy as heirs at a will reading and last, but more importantly, he’s shown a disturbing propensity for vindictiveness. No way we want him at our Hallowed Halls and no wonder he’s a politician.

    Can’t believe I voted for this chump. But only once I swear!


  13. Jason

    Can he take Leebern with him?


  14. Do you like Mark Richt as our coach?

    Do you like the UGA football team of the 2000s compared to the UGA football team of the 1990s?

    Do you like UGA having more than DOUBLED its endowment?

    Do you like that UGA has dramatically improved its educational reputation world wide?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, you should thank Mike Adams and cut it out with the childish hate.

    Honestly, the Mike Adams hate on some of the Georgia blogs is totally asinine.


  15. Oh, and thank god Adams got rid of that utter bum of an AD Vince Dooley.

    Dooley was an average coach who was fortunate to ride the coattails of a legendary RB.

    He absolutely KILLED us as AD, and it took someone like Adams to send put him out to pasture with Ray Goff and Jim Donnan.