Halftime at the Swamp

I really like the way Florida is gashing the UT defense out of the I-formation.  Corch Meyers must be saving Tebow under center for the second half.

Go Gator!


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17 responses to “Halftime at the Swamp

  1. Section Z alum

    dumb, junior is. root for either team, i cannot.


  2. bourbon dawgwalker

    Go meteor!


  3. UFTimmy

    The first rule of Spring practice is not believe anything you hear about it.


  4. Joe B.

    Jeez, I was really impressed with Ufk’s coaching, got to admit it.

    They clearly outschemed and outgameplanned the Gators. Meyer just has much better players, #15 in particular.


    • UFTimmy

      UTn played not to get blown out. Much like Miami last year, they made no attempt to win the game. They wanted to keep it close and they succeeded.

      UF needs WRs. And fast.


  5. BigOldDawg

    The interesting thing to me is that if the Vols had any, and I mean any, vertical game, they actually could have won (almost over now).

    And, the same is true of Florida.


  6. papadawg

    What happened to that 30 point spread?


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Corch didn’t even break stride shaking Kiffin’s hand after the game. The guy is at the top of his profession; he had every reason and opportunity to be magnanimous to an opponent whose kids played their hearts out, and he chose to be a prick.


  8. Florida

    We kinda sorta might not be all that great.


  9. benjamin

    i think tenn played in a fashion where the werent going to win but they werent going to get embarrassed either. I thought the gators where manilla and happy to play along.


  10. almightytmc1

    I am sure if given the choice Lane would be singing “Rocky Top” instead of eating crow right now.
    Its okay, Lane.
    Get used to eating your words this season.
    At least you have a nice looking ol’ lady to dry your sobbing and tears.


  11. Irishdawg

    As soon as I saw that Penn Wagers was reffing this one, I never wished for the asteroid to hit as hard as then.

    Kiffin had no interest in winning this game, he just didn’t want to lose by 1000 points. I guess moral victories count for something.


    • 69Dawg

      +1 Irish. I thought he called a great ball control game. He refused to let Crompton get him blown out. He will use this game to his advantage come recruiting time.