Tennessee-Florida: somebody’s gonna be disappointed.

The Vols scoff at today’s betting line.

Meanwhile, former Gator Channing Crowder scoffs at the Vols.



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10 responses to “Tennessee-Florida: somebody’s gonna be disappointed.

  1. Turd Ferguson

    I’ve got a feeling this could get ugly in more ways than just the scoreboard. I think this has already been discussed around these parts, but … really, what are the odds that a team full of aggressive, competitive, 18-t0-23-year-old athletes could handle a nationally-televised, much-talked-about bitch-slapping at the hands of a team we all already love to hate without, say, taking a cheap shot at the GPOOE?

    It’ll be really hot outside; that defense will likely be on the field for 40+ minutes; it’ll be extremely humiliating; and the one person whose job it is to keep his players from totally losing their cool is arguably the least mature head coach in all of college football right now.

    I mean, I hope it’s a clean fight and all; but I can’t help but think this is a recipe for disaster.


  2. RedCrake

    I scoff at the notion that this is a game worth watching.


  3. The hype is way over-rated. The line on the game is over 4 touchdowns. Not this year Lane…


  4. Chuck

    Maybe I am overreacting but the UF players are not allowed to speak Kiffin’s name? Does that mean they are Hebrew and that they refer to him as YHWH?

    To me, for that to be the UF policy just proves that UF has this game circled on the schedule, and if they don’t cover the 30, it will only because UT found a way to stop them.


  5. almightytmc1

    Still Lane eats yet another boast he made.
    I am not the biggest Meyer fan. But hey, if it shuts up fratboy Lane and his motormouth, I am all for it……


  6. 69Dawg

    Say what you will Lame called the game in such a way that UT was not going to get blown out and in his heart that was a victory for UT and their future recruiting.