The SEC Offensive Player of the Week is…

Ryan Mallett… just kidding.

It’s the Ginger Assassin.  And here’s one nifty little factoid about his night:

• Every one of his 18 completions went for a first down.


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22 responses to “The SEC Offensive Player of the Week is…

  1. Jesus, has that stat ever happened for a UGA QB before? That’s hard to believe!


  2. Darryl Strawberry



  3. Matthew

    Got to love in the other mentions that Brandon Lafell gets some love but AJ Green (who had better stats) is MIA.


  4. Dog in Fla

    WM buys Joe a steak dinner, asks him to keep up the great work but make the drives a little longer if he could.


  5. Ben Rockwell

    Every completion for a first down? That’s clutch. Also, I’m about tired of folks saying, “Well, AJ Green is making his job easier.” Of course he is! Folks would be ready to burn Cox at the stake if he WASN’T using AJ Green. A good QB makes use of the tools at his disposal, and Cox is doing a fine job of that right now. I hope he keeps it up b/c there’s a lot of football left to be played (obviously…).


  6. Genius Georgia Fan

    Why don’t we have a well-oiled offensive machine like Florid…I mean Southern Ca…I mean Texas Tec…I mean the New England Patrio…I mean 1996 Kentucky basketball? Huh? Address my point, Richt! Fire Bobo!


  7. Are you sure about every completion being a first down? We threw a screen pass to AJ Green early in the game that I am pretty sure was not a first down.


    • I was right, the screen pass to AJ Green was not a first down. This is from the Play by Play stats on

      G 2-8 A24 Joe Cox screen pass complete to A.J. Green for 3 yards to the AR21, out-of-bounds (Matt Harris).

      The next pass was the 21 yard touchdown to Aron White.


      • Munson's Call

        Maybe it was a backwards pass and considered a lateral which made it count as a run?

        At any rate 17 of 18 for first downs is pretty spectacular too.


  8. Frank

    Thank you for pointing that stat out, Senator. That’s an amazing stat. For anyone.


  9. NRBQ

    14.4 yards per ATTEMPT.

    That’s gotta be record material.


  10. Has anyone considered the possibility that Cox is in fact a vampire given the disparity in his performance between day and night games? I mean I know they’re calling it the “flu” but then they would do that.

    I picked Georgia to win the East…and while it may still be crazy, it seems more likely this week than it did a couple weeks back.


    • RedCrake

      If South Park has taught us anything its that Gingers without freckles are Daywalkers.

      So that throws a wrench into that theory.


  11. JaxDawg

    UGa is not going to win the east with our current defensive play. We have the potential to beat anyone in the damn country if only our D could hold teams to it’s 2006 level of 20ppg.

    It is a SHAME that CWM’s D has given up 30 or more points in the last 12 games.

    That is NOT Georgia football fellas.


  12. Irishdawg

    3 turnovers per contest ain’t Georgia football, either. That needs to be remedied right now.


  13. Dog in TN

    Penalties didn’t help a bit either!

    Is Ga football changing?

    Turnovers, penalties, and 40+ points per game?


  14. What was the black dust that was always flying up when the ball would hit the field, or someone would get tackled, etc?

    Is it some kind of rubberized material to help with impact or something? It looked like artificial turf.