SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week Three

For all the action we saw last weekend, not too much dramatic movement in my rankings.

  1. Florida. Feel free to read as much into the results in the Swamp last Saturday as you want, but ask yourself one question.  Tennessee will face Alabama, Georgia and Auburn.  Do you think the Vols will play not to get blown out against any of those teams?  Me neither.
  2. Alabama. Just chuggin’ along.  I’m guessing that Ryan Mallett’s passer rating will take a hit this week.
  3. Ole Miss. Will they finally break a sweat Thursday night?
  4. LSU. The Washington win looks better now, I guess.  This team still isn’t clicking like I thought it would be, but the Tigers are 3-0 and should win again this week.
  5. Georgia. What do you have when you’ve got a terrific collection of talent that hasn’t meshed completely as a team?  The fifth best team in the conference.
  6. Auburn. The functional opposite of Georgia – thin, lacking elite talent, but getting the most out of everything.  I really like the way they’re playing, but question whether that will hold up with that somewhat shaky defense.  Especially if there’s an injury or two.
  7. South Carolina. This is where the rankings start getting iffy.  The ‘Cocks haven’t really put everything together for a game yet, but they do have a win over a BCS conference school, which is more than you can say for some of the schools below.
  8. Arkansas. It’s a quarterback’s world, my friends.  That’s why I’m ranking Ryan Mallett’s team ahead of Jonathan Crompton’s.
  9. Tennessee. There’s no truth to the rumor that Mike Hamilton has petitioned the SEC to base the standings on covering the spread.
  10. Kentucky. The ‘Cats haven’t lost, so they’ll perch here momentarily.  This week won’t be pretty, I fear.
  11. Mississippi State. This is likely to be as high as they go.
  12. Vanderbilt. To be the worst, you’ve got to be beaten by the worst.

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  1. Frank

    I’ve already offered my assessment to Sir David of Hale. And now to you, Senator.

    The Peter Principle. Willie Martinez.

    Nuff said.