Mumme Poll update

Things continue to move along at the new site, and we’re in the midst of testing right now.

The game plan is to open up the site to voter registration some time next week and to have a voting dry run after the games of week five are played.

And after reading this, maybe we ought to extend an invitation to Les Miles to participate.  Sheesh.



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3 responses to “Mumme Poll update

  1. Dog in TN

    The link to Miles voting philosophy gives credibility to using The Legends Poll. A poll completed weekly, after week 5, by former college football coaches across the nation. Formerly known as the Masters Coaches Poll. Sporting News sponsors this poll now. Find it, think you will like it.

    Of course, we all know the Mumme Poll is the most accurate and done by the most knowledgeable pollsters in the country.


  2. This saddens me that the only poll I feel that has any credibility anymore is the one derived by a man on his computer in his mom’s basement (pardon my channeling of Buzz Bissinger, Senator). 😉