Mark Richt, master of understatement

It’s good to see the man has a sense of humor.  Even if it’s gallows humor:

On Georgia’s defense: “Well, they’re not playing the best pass defense in the country, that’s for sure…”


UPDATE: And let’s not ignore this crack from Tony Barnhart.

… Well, Mallett may have played his first SEC game last week but his real SEC debut comes Saturday when the Hogs go to Alabama.




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7 responses to “Mark Richt, master of understatement

  1. JaxDawg

    People don’t respect Offense as much as they do Defense.

    Offense is pretty. Defense wins the trophy.

    UGA, at this point, has no Defense to speak of.

    Alabama does.

    And there you have it………


  2. HamDawg11

    But at least we’re pretty, so we’ve got that going for us…..which is nice!


  3. cookinandsmilin

    Our run defense is stout… but when you sell out to stop the run, then, well, you get what we have… I think once we have more film and can detect tendencies, we can call our defense better…


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Tony is right. Bama is where we all daydream about being as a team.

    Bama PLAYS defense, we talk about it.

    Makes me nauseous, but there it is.


  5. ScooBoo

    Scorpio Jones……you can speak for your own DAMN self.


  6. keith

    Bama doesn’t really have more talent on D than we do. Just better coaching.


  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I think Tony Barnhart was only referring to having to play a good team at its place, which is an extremely hostile environment, rather than playing at home.