Thursday morning buffet

Dig in, dudes and dudines.

  • Mark Richt gets politically correct about the WLOCP.  Smart man.
  • Why is Tim Tebow’s name on this list?
  • Another tedious “here’s why this conference is better than the SEC” piece.  Does it ever occur to these guys that nobody ever does similar stuff about any other football conference?  As we used to say in first-year law, res ipsa loquitur.
  • Anyway, is the Pac-10 better than the SEC West?
  • So much for objective sports journalism.
  • Here’s a breakdown of BCS conference schools by the number of September home games each plays, in case you’re interested.
  • Mike Slive tells Junior and Corch to STFU.   Bless you, sir.
  • I’m not exactly hearing sounds of confidence emerging from the Georgia defense.
  • What else is there to do in Lawrence, Kansas on a Tuesday?
  • Myron Rolle is an impressive dude.  (And he’s yet to perform a single circumcision!)
  • If Junior is so smart, what does that make Steve Sarkisian?
  • Good offense, no defense.  No, not in Athens – South Bend“Those 20 games of surrendering 30 or more also is the most of any coach in Notre Dame history.”


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21 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. NebraskaDawg

    If the same fights broke out in Athens right now, I wouldn’t put my money on the Georgia defense in that fight. :0


  2. Texas_Dawg

    With all the Martinez talk, I decided to look at how UGA has fared in points allowed vs. the rest of the SEC’s big 6 programs during the Richt Era.

    The chart here shows UGA’s average points allowed per season (2001-2008), in SEC games only, compared to the averages of the SEC’s other big 6 programs during that time. (The table below the chart has the yearly data for the individual teams.)

    From this perspective I think Martinez’s defenses come out looking a little better than many suggest. As seen in this table of point differentials from the averages of the other major SEC programs during these years, UGA’s 2007 defense actually had one of the 10 best seasons (among those of the SEC’s major programs) this decade.


  3. The Realist

    Why is Jeremiah Masoli’s name on that list? Comedy?


  4. The Realist

    “ex-‘Cane Rolle” O.M.F.G. This AP writer should be shot in the head.

    This is the greatest insult one could bestow upon a former SEMINOLE. That’s like saying Herschel was a former yellow jacket. Very uncool.


  5. Yo Texas_Dawg…I’d love to see those graphs and charts, but those links require me to register–what gives?


    • Texas_Dawg

      Life sometimes involves trade-offs… 🙂

      (The site is for people seriously interested in discussing such stuff and having the ability to intelligently do so. There are more than enough UGA/CFB forums for idiots at this point, imho.)


  6. Katie

    About Myron Rolle- If he attended FSU why do they call him an ex-Cane in the headline? Baaad editing.


  7. Tu

    Willie sux. Nuff said.



    It’s raining graphs and charts in Amity.


  9. Turd Ferguson

    Love the question about Junior and Sarkisian.

    Reminds me of the moment during the UGA-Arkansas game when Todd Blackledge was talking about Washington upsetting USC and said (paraphrasing), “One thing we definitely learned this weekend is that these Pete Carroll proteges, Kiffin and Sarkisian, … they know how to coach some football.”

    Of course, Sarkisian is 2-1 (1-0) with significantly less talent to work with overall. And despite losing to LSU in their home opener, Washington outplayed the Tigers in just about all meaningful categories. Oh, … and they also pulled off the most talked-about upset of the season so far.

    Meanwhile, Kiffin is 1-2 (0-1). The Vols have yet to win a meaningful game. And their greatest accomplishment so far is not getting completely undressed by the Gators in the Swamp … and that’s due more to Monte’s coaching than Lane’s.

    But yeah, … we’ve definitely learned that both of these guys know how to coach some football.


  10. Tu

    Just took a big ol Willie


  11. Dog in Fla

    “I’m not exactly hearing sounds of confidence emerging from the Georgia defense.”

    This may be what WM hears and sees in his dreams each night…


  12. Joe Cox

    All things considered, I’ve outplayed Tebow so far this year.


    • Texas_Dawg

      Well, except for that loss in Game 1…


      • Joe Cox

        Which is why I said “all things considered.” Tebow hasn’t played my schedule. No QB at Florida ever will for the foreseeable future, seeing how Jerm Foley loves him some 1-AA baked goods.

        I’ve got more yards and more TDs than Timmah, and my passer rating is comparable. But hey, he has certainly mastered the art of falling down for three yards, so I’ll give him that.


  13. Russ

    Here’s another interesting link. We’ve probably all heard about Randy Shannon’s story, but it’s still admirable to me. I’ve never liked Miami, but it’s hard to root against someone like him. Plus, they just embarrassed the yellow maggots on national TV.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      To be specific the Tech AD embarrassed Tech on national TV by putting his team in a position where they had to play 3 games in 12 days with the last 1 being in Miami with Miami having 10 days to get ready. The Tech defense was sucking wind before the end of the first quarter. Only AD in Div I dumber than Damon Evans. And don’t give me that stuff about it was the ACC–Tech set up the first game on their own. That said don’t tell anybody at Tech.We don’t want them to wise up.


  14. Ben

    My favorite stat on the PAC-10 being so dominant is that they post the best winning % against the other conferences, but have played the least amount of games against other conferences. Wow.