Friday morning buffet

Num num num:

  • Lane Kiffin sees the Tennessee red zone offense as a glass half empty.  Jonathan Crompton sees it as a glass half full.  Which is part of the problem, when you think about it.
  • Bryan Evans thinks the NCAA’s 20-hour rule is part of what’s holding the Georgia secondary back.  Sounds like a job for Rich Rod!
  • With the mid-major underbrush getting cleared out somewhat last weekend and Boise State’s joke of a schedule, the Clemmins game is huge for TCU.
  • Joe Montana craps all over the spread option.
  • Here’s a pretty amazing Southern Cal factoid:  “USC, a loser against unranked opponents five times in the last three-plus seasons, has won 30 of its last 32 games against ranked opponents. . . “
  • Speaking of the Trojans, Mitch Mustain continues to be the incredible shrinking quarterback.  The punting experiment ain’t going too well, either.
  • Talk about your unimaginative athletic directors:  Ball State really couldn’t find anyone better than this fellow?

… The first year of a college coaching regime is often rough, but arguably no one has it worse right now than Ball State’s Stan Parrish. The young Cardinals squad—which went 12-2 last season with Mr. Parrish as its offensive coordinator—is 0-3 after losses to North Texas, lower-level New Hampshire and Army. (Army and North Texas were a combined 4-20 last season.) Next up: Auburn (3-0), which is averaging 42 points per game. “The football gods make you pay,” says the 63-year-old Mr. Parrish, who endured similar misery in his last head job at Kansas State (2-30-1 from 1986 to 1988). [Emphasis added.]



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3 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Joe B.

    Damn, I wonder what Parrish did to those football gods to deserve that!


  2. OG

    The whole 20 hour rule with the defense, getting burned on play action, and folks saying it’s their fault they’re not watching more film….deja vu?