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And then he goes and spoils it all…

So, I’m reading Chris Brown’s terrific analysis of how Monte Kiffin schemed against Florida and thinking, boy, I hope the Georgia staff sees the same kind of stuff when it breaks down the game film… and then Chris had to finish with this:

I think these schemes were important, but Monte Kiffin coaches a disciplined defense. His defenders tackle well, fly the ball, read their keys properly, and take good pursuit angles. If you do those things, you will have a good defense.




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What I’d like.

Things I’d like to see today:

  • Georgia enjoying a positive turnover margin for the first time this season.  (Probability: 25%)
  • Ryan Mallett lighting up ‘Bama’s secondary.  (Probability:  40%)
  • Georgia Tech’s offensive line struggling with North Carolina’s defensive line.  (Probability:  80%)
  • The Zooker trying to upset Ohio State on the road for the second time in a row.  (Probability:  11.6895342%)
  • TCU upsetting Clemson.  (Probability:  40%)  And Gary Patterson remaining humble if the Horned Frogs do.  (Probability:  100%)
  • Florida not hanging 63 on Kentucky.  (Probability:  65%)
  • Miami’s offense outplaying Virginia Tech’s defense.  (Probability:  50%)
  • Notre Dame having problems at Purdue.  (Probability:  40%)
  • Lane Kiffin proclaiming that the results against Ohio are proof that his plan is working.  (Probability:  100%)
  • If either Houston or Texas Tech scores less than 50.  (Probability:  50%)

Feel free to add yours.


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