And then he goes and spoils it all…

So, I’m reading Chris Brown’s terrific analysis of how Monte Kiffin schemed against Florida and thinking, boy, I hope the Georgia staff sees the same kind of stuff when it breaks down the game film… and then Chris had to finish with this:

I think these schemes were important, but Monte Kiffin coaches a disciplined defense. His defenders tackle well, fly the ball, read their keys properly, and take good pursuit angles. If you do those things, you will have a good defense.




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8 responses to “And then he goes and spoils it all…

  1. Spence

    Look, Willie calls a good game. We rush 4 (as long as they play the run first) and play a soft zone or a soft man. We just have to execute, no matter how many times the offense adjusts to our scheme. The players have to make plays, and it’s never on Willie to coach kids to make good reads or attack an offense in innovative ways. They just have to make plays.

    And our Defense has stopped the opposing offense from scoring 100% of the time when the offense puts no points on the board. And really, that’s the only statistic that matters (along with the scoreboard, as long as we win, but not when we lose).

    Extend Willie’s contract, fire the players.


  2. Jim

    From the Waterboy, “Oh no, we sux again.”


  3. Willie doesn’t call a good game. And he didn’t tonight either.

    Thank god for bad weather, their WR that couldn’t catch, and the way they shot themselves in the foot impressively with penalties.


  4. IndyDawg

    In all the years I’ve been a fan of Georgia football, I can’t remember a season like this where I’ve finished each game so discouraged and anxious. In the Goff and Donnan years, I new what we had in players and coaching and I faced reality with grim determination. This year, I wonder each week who’s going to keep our opponent in the game with turnovers, penlties and missed assignments.

    Mid way thru the 4th quarter last night, all I could do was listen to the game while lying on the floor with a pounding headache. Strange, for all the unnecessary drama I actually like this team because they find ways to win in spite of themselves. No one can accuse this team of giving up. Maybe I’d avoid the headaches if I embraced the glass half-full instead of half-empty mindset.


  5. Merk

    True story, corch will get no bad press for playing Tebow in the 3rd quarter. Instead Tebow’s concussion is used to prove how great Tebow is. It blows my mind.


  6. 69Dawg

    Tebows “concussion” is all part of the Tebow for Heisman hype. He comes back next game and does great and all know he is truly gifted.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Guys, I know a little about concussions and it isn’t that simple. Once you’ve had a bad one (and I think Tebow’s IS a bad one) you are more susceptible to the next and the next. Remember a few years ago when Steve Young had to retire because of multiple concussions.when he was only about 35. He was a Super Bowl winning QB who left in his prime because the doctors told him if he didn’t retire he would end up a veg. If Tim Tebow plays again this season I think he is placing his professional career at risk, not to mention his health. He needs a year of rest to be certain to overcome this without permanent injury. If I were Tebow’s dad he would be out for the rest of the season. That said, I don’t think that will happen because Tebow’s dad drank Meyer’s cool-aid a long time ago. Maybe the mother has some sense, though. Let me say it as clearly as I know how: ANOTHER MAJOR CONCUSSION AND TEBOW”S PROFESSIONAL CAREER IS IN DANGER.If you were GM of an NFL team would you draft a QB (and sign a long term contract worth Millions) who looked susceptible to head injury?