What I’d like.

Things I’d like to see today:

  • Georgia enjoying a positive turnover margin for the first time this season.  (Probability: 25%)
  • Ryan Mallett lighting up ‘Bama’s secondary.  (Probability:  40%)
  • Georgia Tech’s offensive line struggling with North Carolina’s defensive line.  (Probability:  80%)
  • The Zooker trying to upset Ohio State on the road for the second time in a row.  (Probability:  11.6895342%)
  • TCU upsetting Clemson.  (Probability:  40%)  And Gary Patterson remaining humble if the Horned Frogs do.  (Probability:  100%)
  • Florida not hanging 63 on Kentucky.  (Probability:  65%)
  • Miami’s offense outplaying Virginia Tech’s defense.  (Probability:  50%)
  • Notre Dame having problems at Purdue.  (Probability:  40%)
  • Lane Kiffin proclaiming that the results against Ohio are proof that his plan is working.  (Probability:  100%)
  • If either Houston or Texas Tech scores less than 50.  (Probability:  50%)

Feel free to add yours.



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17 responses to “What I’d like.

  1. JaxDawg

    (1) Georgia’s defense allowing ASU’s offense to look prolific, at times, but generally very good. 90%

    (2) Tebow doing the jumpin’ jack dance. 80%

    (3) Florida fans winning with class and humility. 3%

    (4) GA fans cleaning up after themselves. 50%


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    You would assume, with all his connections, Tebow would be spared the flu.

    How long will THEGENIUS be able to subtly inject flu-like symptoms into his excuse package?

    Here’s a thought, is KY better than OK State vs teams with flu?


  3. kcits

    How about:
    See Joe tie his own record for TD’d in a game. (Probability: 25%)

    Have Gray score his first TD of his career. (Probability: 5%)

    Get substantial pressure for the DE positions. (Probability: 13%)

    Signs of improvement in the secondary. (Probability: 40%)


  4. Brandon

    Notre Dame loses to Purdue.


  5. Ben Rockwell

    I’d like to see ESPNU magically appear in my cable listings down here, but that’s not going to happen. For reason, I hope you get all your wishes and more, Senator!

    Go Dawgs!


    • ArchDawg

      True on that. It’s amazing that for a home game so many people aren’t going to be able to catch it–in the GEORGIA, nonetheless. Hopefully it can be found on some random channel that may pick up an ESPNU game, which I’ve seen randomly (those are usually games farther down my pecking order of watchability, so I don’t know with what regularity that happens)


      • ArchDawg

        In addendum, not to rip on Damon Evans or anything but following the chatter I’ve seen recently about our scheduling philosophy, it’s kinda ironic that a game that we’re playing under pretense for national exposure is airing on a channel that most people don’t have.


        • Ben Rockwell

          Exactly. It’s a far cry from being the ABC Saturday night game last year to being in the middle of nowhere land on cable this year. Maybe a letter-campaign is in order for the University?


  6. the Coondawg

    I’d like to see the Mumme Poll!!!!!!!!!! Let’s get it on!!!!!


  7. hodgie

    Cox’s eyes are bugging out 100 percent.

    Defense plays lights out 93 pct.


  8. Junkyard Dawg '00

    * R Samuel & C King rush for over 100 yds each. (15%)

    * Georgia wins the turnover battle (50%)

    * Georgia has zero penalties on the night (0%)

    * WM out coaches AZ ST OC (35 %)


    • Junkyard Dawg '00

      I’m usually the first to bash them so I’ll give credit when its due… kudos to WM for getting his D ready to play tonight. Mega kudos to Fabris for putting in AJ Green to block the kick.

      AJ Green is the man. He’s so good I’m calling him to throw a touchdown pass next week… to himself!


      • X-Dawg

        LOL! I just got off the phone with somone and we said the same thing about AJ. “If only AJ could throw to himself, we’d be unbeatable!”


  9. X-Dawg

    Well….looking back on things, outside of our win (WTF?), your wish list has gone to hell. Sorry.


  10. Boz

    For your bank accounts sake, I hope you didn’t lay wagers on all of your bets noted above.


  11. The only one you really got was Houston/TT scoring less than 50.

    FL hung 41 on UK, but that was without Tebow.

    TCU won, but when #15 beats unranked, that is not an upset.

    I hope you didn’t put money on those.