Broncos and Ducks and Senators, oh my.

I know The Concussion sucked all the oxygen out of the tent, but it seems to me that the big story from last weekend was how Boise State’s chances to play in the BCS title game increased exponentially.

In that regard, the Oregon win over Cal was huge, for two reasons.  First, it knocked out one of BSU’s competitors for the slot.  Second, the more the Ducks rehabilitate themselves, the better the Broncos’ opening season win looks.  And with their schedule, they need all the boost they can get from that game.

They’re far from a lock, but consider that they currently sit fifth in both polls.  In front of them are three SEC teams that will play each other at least once, unless ‘Bama or Florida play themselves out of the SECCG.  In any event, that’s all good for Boise, which is unlikely to lose a game over the rest of the year.

If Texas and one of the SEC schools win out, BSU will find itself locked out, which will no doubt lead to another round of whining from the likes of Orrin Hatch.  But as unpredictable as this year has already been, it’s not much of a reach to speculate on what happens if all the major conference players in the title game hunt wind up with one loss on their resumes.  If that occurs and an undefeated Boise doesn’t get the invitation, watch the howling from Hatch reach new heights.


UPDATE: To his credit, Tony Barnhart addresses the subject in his post today.


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5 responses to “Broncos and Ducks and Senators, oh my.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Did you come up with the title of this post from watching Wizard of Oz Sunday night?


  2. Frank

    Full disclosure:

    I visited Boise once. I like some states. I watched some cowboy ride a Bronco once. Blue is my favorite color.

    I say #12 is workable.


  3. HamDawg11

    I say the BCS formula will “wash-out” an undefeated Boise team due to their super-weak schedule, even if there are a few big boys with one loss.

    That’s my 2 cents, keep the change!


  4. ArchDawg

    The major contenders are going to have to have at least two losses for an undefeated Boise team to even have a shot at the title. And I’m okay with that. They had to get up for exactly ONE game this year. I’m not going to blast them for their conference schedule, but they could’ve done better with that weak-sauce non-conference slate.


    • Really?

      They have Oregon who was highly ranked (and may be again).

      They also had Miami (OH) who also plays Kentucky and Cincinnatti.

      It is not like Boise State can just call up and demand that top teams play them. A lot of BCS teams won’t do a home-home with a school like Boise State, so they really do have a tough situation.

      If Boise State is undefeated in dominant fashion, then I think along with the Oregon win they should play for the title.

      If that means freezing out someone better, well, then those teams should have campaigned harder for a playoff.

      Until we get a playoff, we shouldn’t screw dominant, undefeated teams.

      Utah should have been national champ last year, not Florida.