Echoing the past

There’s a perfect A.J. Green quote in David Hale’s game grades post today…

Then, of course, there’s A.J. Green. When asked after the game if he’s a regular contributor on special teams, his answer was perfect.

“Nah,” he said. “Just when we need it.”

… that reminds me of another perfect quote from a Georgia great:

Immediately Walker disarmed potential critics (read: the press) as easily as he evaded potential tacklers. Herschel, don’t you get tired carrying the football so many times? “No sir, the ball ain’t heavy.”

Which leads into this Hale tribute.

A.J. Green is a special player. I don’t mean that in a “Matthew Stafford was a special player” sort of way, when you look at a guy’s talents and think he’s capable of anything. Green is special in the way Herschel Walker was special — the type of player who simply changes the complexion of a game simply by being on the field. When that third-down pass went up on Georgia’s final drive, everyone in the stadium — including the Sun Devils — knew who was coming down with it. There’s an invaluable quality that Green brings. It’s the knowledge that, no matter what else is going on, Georgia has a chance to win because it will always, in every game, have the best player on the field. It’s an intangible bit of confidence (or concern if you’re the opposition) that cannot be accounted for but changes how the game is played. He’s one of a kind.

Well, more like two of a kind…



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12 responses to “Echoing the past

  1. Let’s hope we don’t squander this talent. And will the media be so graceful about his talent as the best player on the field after the Florida game? That’s the question.


  2. Joe B.

    I still hate that Calvin Johnson squandered what could have been one of the greatest collegiate careers ever by joining the keystone cops on the flats.

    I am not sure that we would have lost in 2004 or 2005 with him teaming up with Greene/Shockley.

    Green may be a better player.


  3. Pumpdawg

    A.J. ‘Nuff said!


  4. Ty Webb

    He has a special ability to fumble the ball without being touched, that’s for sure.


  5. BullGator

    Speaking of Hershel Walker…how about that Tim Tebow?


    • Joe B.

      How bout that Tebow, helluva fullback.

      He has played in 5 more games than Herschel, has a career long run of 30 yards, and has a YPC of less than 4.

      Herschel has 52 TD’s including bowl games, so Timmy has a few more 1 yard plunges to go.


    • 81Dog

      yeah, how about him? He’s already lost more SEC games than Herschel did in his career. Herschel never lost one, you see. In case you forgot, Herschel should have won the Heisman as a freshman, leading a team that was 6-5 the previous year to a national championship. Tebow? Bit player as a freshman. Herschel led his team to an SEC title his sophomore year. Tebow? Lost 3 conference games, and got beat in a bowl by a Michigan team that had previously lost to Appalachian State. He racked up lots of stats against the directional schools, though. Now, to be fair to Tebow, he did lead his team to a national championship as a junior, and Herschel lost the de facto title game in the Sugar Bowl to Penn St. (although Tebow lost another conference game).

      If, and it’s a big if at this point, Tebow takes advantage of the extra year Herschel didn’t have and wins another national title, he’s basically Tommie Frazier: great option-style QB, great leader, great college player. Right now, he’s Gino Toretta: one Heisman, a national championship, and pretty good stats on a great overall team. But the greatest player of all time? Please. He’s not in Herschel’s class. Of course, neither is anyone else. Tony Dorsett is the only player in the last 40 years who had the same kind of program changing impact that Herschel had. Tebow’s a great player, but he’s just not that good.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Good God,

    Nobody has to defend Herschel, in any comparison with any athlete, nobody.

    A.J. has the POTENTIAL to be a player of Herschel’s caliber, I’d say he needs a little time.

    The more rational comparison is Herschel and Tebow.
    Wait to see how Tebow’s concussion impacts the Gators, and especially the offensive staff and Meyer.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’m betting Tebow doesn’t play in the FL-LSU game and maybe not for the rest of the season. Here’s what Google says, in part, about concussion: “If a child or young adult has lost consciousness, that person should not play sports for a period of 3 months. There is an increased rate of brain injury and occasionally death in persons who have had a previous concussion that resulted in unconsciousness.” While I do not think Tebow has a great future in the NFL, he and his family do. I do not think they will risk everything, including his life, on further playing. What has he got to prove in college? He’s already won the Heisman and the BCS Nat’l Championship. A second Heisman would put him in a class with one other guy and only a few guys were on teams that won 2 Nat’l Championships but each has been done before-it’s not breaking new ground. And if CUM sent him out to play and he got brain injured or killed nobody would ever let his/her son ever go to UF to play football again–at least not while Urban was there. Plus I don’t think the docs would OK it.